Mar 242014

Toilet with flush water tank

Summer is over and it is time to get out my virtual toilet.

I have over 20 post “ideas” that are queued up waiting to be written on this blog.  None of them are going to be written!

The inspiration for those posts seems to be gone so why keep them around?  I am not.  I am going to flush them all!  It has been a long summer full of excuses and well, nothing.

I am sure that if you have visited here over the summer you have seen a stream of nothing new.  Nothing.  Well, that is changing. I am back to writing.

It is September, the kids are back to school, I need to get back to the reasons I started this blog; to write.  To get my brain out to the world.  To make myself write and get my books done with no more excuses.

How about Poetry Tuesday again?  How about Fiction Saturday?  How about SAHD Friday?  All coming back as well as new and exciting sites.

If you are a human I would like to comment and at least let me know that you are out there and actually reading.

It is time to come back to the reality of this blog, it is nearly 3 years old now.  It is time to get my lazy butt writing again.

If you are real, thanks for being here.  If you are a robot, 010001010000111100001010100011100110010011101100111011001.

See you tomorrow.



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