First of all I don’t have add.  Officially that is.  It does seem like this time of year many people do have it though.  There are days when I start to go crazy at all of the blinky lights and songs that are the same.  If I hear 12 days of christmas again somebody dies.  Slowly.  I know I have been keeping a list in my pocket of what I have bought for people, what I have yet to buy, what is being shipped in, and what I have figured out that I am getting from my family.  It is all very all over the place random and overwhelming at times.  I can’t wait until the 26th when most of the chaos is finished and I can get to putting away Christmas for another year.  I do love christmas but it gets long and by the time New Years gets here, I am so done with it.  Not as bad as Halloween.  I do love Halloween and all of the decorations but I’ll tell you, the past 2 years decorations are coming down after the trick or treaters leave.  Here! Take some spider web you little &%*@.  But I digress….

Happy Holidays

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