Well folks, today I finally finished something that should have been finished many moons ago.  I finally finished my author page on Amazon.

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I have had a book on Amazon since 2011 and a grand total of 1 sale.  Of course, there could be no sales with no promotion.  I have neglected my career for too long.

Something has changed lately.  I am making myself.  I have been timid and hiding for far too long.  Now, I have 2 books on Amazon.  They are both listed at .99 but free to borrow on Amazon Prime.  Of course, you can get a free copy of “The Blogging Mindset” by joining my email list over there in the right sidebar.  I can count on one hand how many emails I have sent the past year, so there will not be a ton of mail from me.

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Anyway, I have actually published on Amazon.  This is big for me.  I am stealing publishing and marketing ideas from The Consortium, an Oklahoma City based publishing house run in part by my (hold on, name drops here) friends Aaron Pogue, Courtney Cantrell, and Becca Campbell.  (links are to their respective blogs)

Now, another part of my empire is AnvilForge Press.   I will have to work hard on this over the next few months.  A new site, better copywriting, better promotion.  It’s all in the works.  Now I only have to write some more books to line the virtual shelves with.

Again, this cycle of writing and working has come, and you all can benefit from it.  I have had interest in finishing “The Man in the Hazy Suit” and I think I will republish it on here in it’s first form for some Fiction Saturday fun.  Then I am going to rewrite the thing and AnvilForge Press will publish it.

I also have other books in the works that I can only hope will rival Harry Potter and spring me to stardom.  In the meantime, I blog.  Today you should be reading a Stay at Home Dad post, but I had to get this out.  Next week, there will be theme days.  Maybe I will even write some new Poetry for Tuesday.

Hide and Watch.  And just in case you need to buy something from Amazon, please click through my link over there in the sidebar and help me keep this boat floating.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Thanks for reading.


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