May 272014

Hello and welcome to Thursday!  I have to apologize for yesterday, domestic tasks needed to be taken care of  and the computer was few and far between.  Yet another reason for the pre-writing challenge and having a queue of posts built up.

An update on the challenge:  it has been nearly 1 week since the challenge started and so many of the participants are  producing fantastic blog posts and ideas.  I don’t have any posts written yet but the titles are in my drafts queue and waiting for fabulousness!  I have to let life catch up without losing focus and blowing off the challenge with procrastination.

So I am at the point in my blog where I can see many people giving up.  The novelty of the blog is gone and the work is really beginning.  Posts are still not hard to write, it is harder to get to the writing.  I can produce better content but is it fulfilling a need somewhere or just belching out crap from my brain that no one cares about?

I really feel like my posts are better with some facts and research in them.  I like to brag some about my blog and how it is doing.  Yesterday I did zero promotion on my blog.  Zero and my stat press recorded 48 visitors.  Today as I write this there have already been 12 visitors.  That tells me I have been doing something right.  My Alexa rank has gone from 12,850,206 on Feb1 to 1,149,880 today.  I am not obsessing with Alexa but many places look at it and it is a good universally compared to ranking.  People are looking from all over the world.  Alexa lists the UK, Philippines, and Australia on it’s list.  That is so freaking cool I can hardly contain myself.  I love the internet.  With all of this in mind, I really need to keep up with my posts and comments.

I haven’t been reading and commenting as much as I need to to bring more traffic in.  Like I said the “work” part of this online journey is really beginning.  I have to take a page from my buddy James at the infopreneur, (I talk about him a lot.  He is going to get a big head) and get my stuff in a pile.  That and write and comment!  I am approaching 2000 visitors to my site so I can’t give up now.  I am only 1 month away from the magical 3 and not being one of the statistics.

Yesterday was an interesting introspection for me.  I was catching up on housework and helping the kids with homework when I realized that all of the organization, prioritization, and time management stuff I have been reading and talking about is barely getting incorporated.  I have been doing the stay at home dad thing for quite a while now and I still try to figure out how my Mom always had it together and kept everything clean and running.

I don’t think I am running out of steam on my business, I just need to stoke the fire and get it flowing again!  Therefore, I need more caffeine and less excuses.

If you are reading this, you are awesome.  Pat yourself on the back and then go enjoy the day.


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  8 Responses to “Running Out of Either Steam or Caffeine”

  1. “I can produce better content but is it fulfilling a need somewhere or just belching out crap from my brain that no one cares about?”

    I feel this way all the time. And then I tell myself that at least half of the value is in ME: doing the work, processing the idea, accomplishing something. So, even if no one is reading it is still worth writing. Still… I feel happier when people comment :).

    BTDT, pass the caffeine.

    .-= Megan´s last blog ..One of Those Days! =-.

    • Agree. It is nice to hear that someone is actually reading. Thanks for doing so!
      It is also nice to accomplish the writing and have that under your belt. builds credibility.
      Thanks Megan!

  2. Aren’t stats fun to watch? I checked yesterday, and have visits from all over the world. My alexa rank has been slowly climbing. It’s cool to watch it happen!
    .-= Deacon´s last blog ..To Sleep or Not To Sleep? =-.

  3. Nice post Justin. I’m with ya. Pass the caffeine.
    As for the Alexa I started watching it since one of my affiliates
    I am involved with has it on our profiles. I didn’t however start
    to see any difference in it until the past three weeks or so. Since
    then it has went from 4mil to just a little over 500,000 and moving
    everyday. What I look at the most is the linking in sites on there.
    That’s the number I want to see greatly increase. But hey yeah it’s fun
    to keep an eye on. My blog is just around six months old.
    .-= Lees Shizzle´s last blog ..How’s Your Blog? Compost or debris of Dust…full of Dung =-.

    • that’s great to move so fast. I hope to keep it going. My linking in sites is small right now but I hope it will increase as I get going. I hve only been doing this for about 2 months now. thanks for reading!

  4. You’re going strong Justin. Just keep pounding it out over the next few weeks. By the end you’ll have found a good rhythm of pumping out more posts than you publish in a week. resist the temptation to over-post so you can keep that momentum going.

    Then you’ll have time to reflect on your posts and fine tune them to perfection.

    It’s SO tempting to just publish that stuff, get it out there. It’s hard to have ideas and not use these tools we have for instant publication…resist the temptation and just write.

    I can feel Twitter trying to leech the time out of me. It’s a cool thing, but I do walk the line between usefulness and wastefulness with it. Sometimes I stray over that line.

    Ultimately, this is connection. Even your most technical-oriented blogs have to connect or people will just pass through. You’re doing that Justin. Just repeat, repeat, repeat.
    .-= Carlos Velez´s last blog ..Conscious Me vs. TheInfoPreneur: The $10 Prize =-.

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