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Just a Few Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season

Autumn in Boston Public Garden

One of the best things about fall is that it gives you a great excuse to do some of your favorite hobbies—like reading or fishing, for example—without having to give some cheap excuse as to why, because the elements are forever on your side.

For one, the weather is pretty much perfect. It’s not so hot or so cold that any specific kind of clothing is necessary to get through the day. So that means if I want to go fishing at some of the best spots in SLC, I can do it without too extraneous attire. That also means less time getting your kids ready to go out. You know as much as I do that the less prep time, the better. That especially goes for people like me with four kids.

Did you know that autumn is actually one of the better times of the year to go fishing? Yes indeed and there is a great reason for that: All the fish out there are feeding more so that they can get ready for the bitter winter cold. That means more chances to catch the trout at Green River, which is about three hours away from the city but totally worth it, or the Canyon Streams, where the trout are more willing than usual to take your bait.

To be fair, it does get nippier in the evenings, but so what? That’s what sweatshirts were made for. Also, when it does get colder and you just want to hang out inside, there’s no guilt to be felt there, either. On top of that, the sun’s going down earlier so it’s likely that you’re going to want to be inside the house anyway. That gives you the perfect time to curl up with your favorite book—should you parental duties or otherwise allow you to do so—like the latest by Blake Crouch.

For those unfamiliar, the author’s new book, Wayward, is the second installment in his Wayward Pines series. And it centers on protagonist Ethan Burke, a sheriff in the very small titular town where everything is a little … off. No one knows how they got there or who’s behind it all, but Burke’s been outside the barb-wired fences and seems to know what’s going on. Sounds good right? It is, so don’t let me spoil any more of the story here for you. Just be sure to get it if you’re into science/fantasy books like yours truly.

And if reading’s not totally your thing, you’ll have more time to spend doing other leisure activities/hobbies that you might have neglected over the summer. Maybe you’ll finally get the chance to sit with those new albums you’ve been itching to listen to but have been putting off. Again, I can’t suggest Marc Gunn enough for celtic music lovers. It’s also the perfect season to dig back into your video game collection. That goes for whether you feel like firing up your old console or buying the hottest game of the moment on your newer system. There’s also the increasingly popular online gaming community, which includes places like Betfair. Once there, you can join legions of players in bingo, poker, and a slew of other games on your phone, which I prefer so I can do several things at once, or your computer.

One last thing: Can we talk about how beautiful all the trees look right now? I know the leaves changed a little earlier than normal last year and even this year a bit, but it’s still worth heading outside to see that beautiful foliage. It only comes once a year, after all. Enjoy it.

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  1. Justin,
    I was talking to a fishing guy here in the idyllic Sierra Foothills last week about a goo father son fishing experience since my sons both love to fish. He said November was his favorite fishing month because in November the salmon don’t dawdle on their way from the ocean up the river. I guess that means they have more energy and less wear and tear. I hope to set something up with him. Maybe if I don’t have to worry about equipment and boats and not looking foolish to my boys I might enjoy it too.
    We don’t usually get very good leaf color here. It looks like my backyard maples will be mud brown this year. Still driving around there is some good color and if we drive up the mountain, I hear that the aspens are spectacular. Maybe I’ll talk to my wife about taking a drive next week.

  2. thanks Ralph, I will be down to go with you

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