May 272014

First of all, I don’t set out to traumatize my kids.  It just happens.  Somewhere in the evil part of my brain, I kind of enjoy it.  It is some kind of karmic payback for poopy diapers and screaming in the middle of the night.  Truth: I love my kids and would do anything for them.  Poopy diapers are just part of being a DAD.

But I can traumatize my kids in their sleep without ever leaving the couch.  I like scary movies.  And action movies.  You know the ones with lots of shooting and or screaming.  The problem with relation to the kids, is my 9 year old has nightmares from the screaming.  She tells me when she goes to bed “Don’t watch any scary movies tonight”.  Sometimes she doesn’t notice, sometimes she gets mad at me.

Some days I don’t watch anything and she still complains.  I just keep telling them if they were alseep they wouldn’t notice. Lately I watch a lot of movies with headphones on.

So, how do you traumatize your kids, or how do you plan to?  Like I said sometimes it is fun to payback the kids.  You just have to remember, they are still kids.  You are the parent, the guardian.  You are the one who takes away the nightmares.  You have to be willing to change habits to keep them comfortable.

Take care of your kids, they are the greatest thing in the world.


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  4 Responses to “How to Traumatize the Kids Without Really Trying”

  1. I do it in advance, record him having a strop or when he has ice cream all over his face. Going to show his first girlfriend and every girlfriend from then on all the embaressing vids and pics lol.
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..How To Stop Yourself Looking Like An Idiot =-.

    • I have my stash of those as well. Pictures on te computer have a way of getting, you know, emailed to boyfriends and girlfriends….interspersed with healthy doses of Saw movie stills for the boyfriends. I have 2 daughters…

  2. You, of course, have the naked pictures in the bathtub. Pictures of them helping you do anything are great when they get to be teenagers.

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