Sep 052013

Today I did more than just talk.  I actually started putting together my first ebook that will be for sale!  It needs some major rewrite and some edit to avoid copyright infringement but it is not going to be bad.

Sneak, Sneak preview for loyal readers, It is a beginners guide to Fly Fishing.  I should write something about how to type on a keyboard that only half works.  I digress yet again, soon I will have an ebook for sale.

I have a good feeling about starting this part of the adventure.  I am also going to edit my Saturday fiction into saleable ebooks as well.  Now I have to keep pumping out content and getting people over here to read!

If anyone has any ideas or feedback I am listening.  I have been watching James get ready to monetize his blog and, since that is one of my goals as well, I figured I would start a product out and go from there.  Will it be successful?  I sure hope so.  Will it be worth it?  Definitley.  Will I get a keyboard that has a working shift, m, y, v and q key?  I hope so but it takes a while to get from Hong Kong.

This post is not very long, I am getting worn out redoing our basement.  At least it will look good when it is done.  I hope my blog can look good and just be “done” except for posts for a while at least.  In that vein, I am going to beg for feedback.  Is there anything on my site that is just annoying?  Is it hard to read?  How is navigation?  Too much stuff, not enough stuff?  Looks ok as 2 month old blogs go, it will grow out of the baby fat?

How is Saturday fiction?  Too long?  To short?  A waste of your time to read?  Can’t wait for the ebook to come out?  (tip anyone on my mailing list will get advance notice when I release the ebooks.  so far I only have 1 subscriber.  And it is me to keep track of how it works!  That sounds really pathetic.  It is times like this when I remind myself that my blog is only 2 months old.  And this rambling makes me realize that I need to go to bed.

Funny how a short post still managed to hit almost 400 words.  I am getting better.

Thanks for indulging me, Please leave your comments if the mood strikes!

Thanks, Justin

  4 Responses to “Moving Forward In The Third Month”

  1. I amdigging theSaturday fictionseries. The “where weleftoff” paragraph really helped make it seemless.

    I wouldprobably like them a little bit longer. I getdisappointed when they end. However, I also tend to write and read long postsso I wouldn’t take just myopinion into account.
    .-= Carlos Velez´s last blog ..The Law Of Attraction Trinity: Creation =-.

    • I have been playing with length. so far they are all around 500 words but I know what you mean, I like long stories. I was working on the assumption that posts should be about that long. Maybe I should bump them to 800. I think I will try that this week.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. I also suggesta mobile version of your site. A lot of people use theWPTouch pluginand it looks great. The sidebarssquish your main column into a narrow, barely readablesliver of space just like they do on mine.

    It mightbe making mycommentscomeout formatted goofy.
    .-= Carlos Velez´s last blog ..Conscious Me vs. TheInfoPreneur: The $10 Prize =-.

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