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Do you eat the dirty cheese or just post it?

The other day I was cooking hamburgers on the BBQ grill.  Nothing new, I do it all of the time.  I finally get to the end of the process, the time to add cheese.  Me being me, I fumbled one of the pieces of cheese.  I could only stand there and look at that Kraft Single lying there on the ground in front of the grill.  I bent down and picked up the cheese.  As I looked at it, and noticed the bits of dirt and rocks that were on the cheese I had an idea for a blog post.

It is pathetic but I thought “Is it better to just brush off the dirt or go back inside and get a new piece?”  And then, “Hey that would be a good blog post.”  Sad, but I guess it shows my commitment to my blog now.

It didn’t take me very long to toss that piece of cheese and get a new one, but if that was my last piece I would have brushed that sucker off and ate it.

With that mindset I started thinking about blog posts.  If you have a crappy post, do you brush it off and rewrite it or do you scrap it altogether and write a new one.  My thought is that it depends on the post.  I realize that is a cop out but I think there are posts that just need to be scrapped and those that can be resurrected with a good rewrite.

There are posts that all of us have in both categories.  I think that the hardest thing to do is to decide which posts need to be scrapped.  Almost any post can be rewritten and fixed.  I can only hope that any of the posts that I have published up to now are not in that need to be scrapped pile.

What do you all think?  Are there posts in your published file that need to be redone?  I have read many things that advocate revisiting posts that need rewriting, I know I have at least one.  Just don’t change your permalinks.

Any thoughts?  Please comment below!  Also I have started a newsletter!  Please sign up here if you are interested!

Fiction Saturday tomorrow!  Have a great weekend!


PS the cheeseburgers were fantastic….


  1. The day I dropped a beautifully marinated and prepared salmon filet on the dirty concrete in front of my grill, it ended up as a pink splat on the fence. I didn’t exxactly keep my cool.

    I anticipate going back eventually and giving some pillar content a refresher. In addition to improving the quality of the post, it would also be a good chance to link forward to newer posts that hadn’t even been conceived of at the time.

    For right now, though, I am looking forward to get myself past the point of no return. Less than 1 month till my 3 month milestone.

    • I can totally see that slpat on the fence. I have had hamburgers go to the dog over the fence like that. I hadn’t thought of refreshing posts for linkage but that is a great idea. I am with you on the 3 month milestone….cant wait until April 5!

  2. It really depends on the post in question.

    I have started to prune my draft queue though. I had 80+ articles in draft mode at one point. I”m now down to around 70+

    What I’ve found with “bad” posts is that often they only need a twist to make them a pretty good post. Figuring out the twist can take some time.
    .-= Dave Doolin´s last blog ..Consistency – A 7th Characteristic of Trust Building (Everyone can do this) =-.

    • so is it a tweak in the writing that makes them a good post or is it a complete redo with the same title? I have several ideas that I have yet to figure out the right twist to even write about.

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