Nov 112013

I have spent most of today working on setting up a shopping cart to handle the millions of orders that will be coming into my blog when I start to sell stuff.  Do I need to do this or should I just build a couple of pages and call it good?

At this point I am not sure.  It has been a bunch of work and I still don’t have much done.  I am seriously questioning my logic on this.  I think the thing that makes me the most mad is that I just can’t let it go and let it beat me right now.  Damn you PHP I will reach into your guts and squeeze until I get what I want.

Wow what a rant I had prepared but it has now all but fizzled out.  I designed a new logo, figured out a new drawing program, made some buttons, and now I am going to shelve the whole works for a couple of days.  I need to write and get out and comment on some blogs!  I need to wait until I actually have a product to offer.

Quick poll, does a professional looking shopping cart make any difference to you or do paypal buttons get the job done and suffice?  Please give me some input either here in comments, or by email, or by pony express, or by signing up for my newsletter! (First issue on St Patricks Day!)

I may not be an authority on WordPress yet, but I refuse to let it dictate the way my blog will behave!  That is why I moved from to .org, so that I could have total control over my site.  It is kind of funny to think about that because I am not generally that controlling.  But I will rule this blog with an Iron fist and throw the interlopers overboard!

Have I ever mentioned, I really like pirates?  BTW Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th.

So the long and short of it is this, no matter who you are, you need to own your blog, your site and your online experience.  The hardest part is to look inside yourself and find the drive and resolution to grab that blog by the throat and throttle it until it says “Uncle!”  And if you don’t, I will be by to pillage your site soon.

Let’s spread the word and the word is ARRRRRRR!!


  8 Responses to “You Are My Blog and You Will Submit To My Will!”

  1. My approach has been to do just enough to get by. My first sales were with basic paypal buttons. Building a store-front is a *ton* of work, so I am going to wait to do that until I have to.
    .-= Deacon´s last blog ..Ye Olde “What I’ve Been Doing” Update =-.

    • I got into ZenCart that was associated with my hosting account. Most things are done but the customization is killing me. I think I may go with paypal buttons, I use those on the quilt site. thanks for the input

  2. I don’t know the answer to the cart and whatnot. I know if I was going to purchase or when I do the ole paypal button is suffice enough for me.
    As for the blog title, it surely attracted me to here today. I have been piddlin with a post today in draft about, the best dam blog in the world and so forth. Any way congrats on your upcoming venture may it be a huge success Justin.
    .-= Lees Shizzle´s last blog ..Sharing A Guest Post and My Experience =-.

  3. Perfection is a great time waster and from my experience, impossible to boot. I like good enough until it isn’t good enough any more. Make sure that your time is going to the right efforts.

    • thanks for that sage advice. I rarely seek for total perfection but I get caught up in meaningless details. Paypal buttons it is, and in my *spare* time I will work on the shopping cart!
      thanks Ralph

  4. Unless you’re moving tangibles, I strongly suspect you will be more efficient to stay with e-junkie, clickbank or 1shoppingcart.

    Attempting to match themes is the stuff of nightmare. Not even the pros do this anymore.
    .-= Dave Doolin´s last blog ..Maintain Draft Queue with Practical WordPress Tips 1 – 12 =-.

    • there will be no tangibles for a while, until I start selling my wifes quilts again. I will look into 1 shopping cart, cant afford clickbank yet. Thanks for the info. I suspect the first ebook will be lovingly handled by Paypal buttons.

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