I took my 3 year old to her transplant clinic appointment today.

I have taken her to many of them since she was diagnosed with kidney failure, and all through dialysis and now 7 months after her transplant.  It continuously amazes me how those clinics could give a jolly jack fart about your time yet freak out if you are any bit late to the appointment.  Granted some times it is quick but good grief.

Today, after I registered at the hospital (15 mins) and then waited for labs to be drawn (25 mins) I was about 20 minutes late for our appointment.  I thought that we would be next in line and sail through.  But I was of course WRONG!!!  although it was only another 35 minutes of waiting in the waiting room followed by another 20 of waiting in the clinic room.  All told, we spent 2 hours and 20 minutes for what amounted to 5 mins with the doctor and about that with the dietician and the social worker.

Oh well.  what can you do.  It’s not like complaining does any good, they just say that they are busy.  So what exactly is the point of making an appointment?  For that matter, what is the point of not just coming a half hour late?  I am sure you would still have to wait.  I should have brought my ketllebell, that would make them wonder, a sweaty guy swinging iron in the childrens hospital….maybe next month….



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