May 272014

This picture has made me laugh for years.  I don’t know where I got it from so if it is yours, let me know and I will give you credit.  This picture is funny because it is factual, but absurd!

This is a great example to me of a brilliant marketing strategy.  Think of this, if I own a cow and want to sell it what is the generic wording to use?  Cow for sale right?  Now look at this guy.  Same type of cow for sale.  Maybe just has too many other cows and needs to get rid of one.  but he says Used Cow for sale.  I think there is a certain implication in that one word that brings up thoughts of a used car.  Broken in but not used up, or barely rolled the sucker into the dealership to get rid of it.  (I have had 2 of those)

How much more likely are people to call the number for the Used Cows sign?  Given a choice of Cows for sale vs Used cows for sale, I can see perceived value in a good quality Used cow.  Maybe he should have a new sign with Previously Owned cows for sale, just to keep up with the times.

We can learn a lot about marketing with one word.  When we market ourselves, or ebooks, our websites, and our blog posts, Titles can be incredibly important.  There have been blog posts out there that I have clicked on sheerly because of the title.  There are posts of mine that people have noticed because of the title.  Even the best posts will not get read without people coming by.  The best way to get people interested in coming by is to have a catchy title.

Small caveat, catchy titles are great but don’t stress too much about it.  Don’t make the mistake of having a great title with unrelated material or complete garbage following it.  Eventually people will know you and your brand and will read just because you wrote it.

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  1. Great find Justin! It would have been funny if they put something like “low mileage”. You’re right about the value of a catchy headline. That’s a concept I’m trying to implement with a lot of my writing.
    .-= Steve Scott Site´s last blog ..Successful Info Product Creation and Marketing [Part 1] =-.

  2. More cowbell please.

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