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I Know Way Too Much About Dresses.

I was getting my 3 year old daughter dressed the other day and realized that I know way too much about dresses.  I am the man in this house and I shouldn’t know how to put dresses on little girls.  But I am a DAD and therefore, I put dresses on my daughters.

I am a little apprehensive about baby #4.  If it is a boy, we will lose all of the pretty dresses that we have amassed over the years.  I’ll admit, I am a sucker for dressing my daughters is pretty, frilly dresses.  It will be sad if it is a boy.  But welcome.  I want a boy.

I also realized that I know too much about dresses when one of my 3 year olds princess dresses was falling apart and I know how to fix it.  I have spent way too much time helping my wife sew dresses and quilts over the years.  I even understand most of the babble on Project Runway.

Not everyone needs to know that much about dresses.  If you have daughters you should know at least how to get them on and adjusted correctly.  Ask your wife, she should be able to help you.  And yes you can still be a man if you know how to pick out dresses.  Just wash your hands first, grease is hard to get out of chiffon.

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  1. ralphcarlson

    April 4, 2010 at 11:57

    Damn, Justin. You need a boy, bad! We've got to keep this side of you hidden over at Coots.

    • I know I have one boy that I really need to mold into a Man….I would love another boy to balance out the estrogen in this house. I can't produce enough testosterone to overcome the puberty of 2 girls let alone 3.

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