May 272014

I had a strange dream the other night that I am not really sure what to do with.  Of course the thing to do is to share it on my blog. It isn’t very long, but it was strange.

Now, the dream.  I was sitting at home in my living room reading a magazine.  It must have been very enthralling because the phone rang and I threw the magazine in the air rushing to get the phone.  At this point I knew it was a dream because I have an answering machine if I am slow.  I don’t hurry to the phone.  But I did here. I didn’t even bother with the caller ID. (another dead giveaway this was a dream)

“Hello” I answered. “Hello sir! You have just won an all expense paid cruise to the Caribbean!” The voice from the other end said. “Great” I replied. “What do I have to do?” “Nothing.” they said. “Do you accept the cruise?” “Sure” I said not realizing what was to be involved.

A few days later a package arrived with details on my cruise.  I was going to be picked up from the airport in Miami and driven in a limo to the cruise line.  Everything was paid for, all I needed to bring was a set of old clothes, a shovel, and a cat no one would miss. This made me nervous.  Not for very long though, I had almost figured out how to get the shovel through security.

An internet search of large orange colored home improvement stores showed me where I could just buy a shovel. The old clothes were no problem, but where to get the cat…

The dream ended with me walking to an old girlfriends house carrying a pet box.

I am not sure what any of it meant at the time or has to say about my sanity, lack of it, or what can be interpreted by it. I am fairly sure I need to go hunting though….

Comments would be appreciated!

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  1. Justin,

    It suggests that you will be in receipt of a great amount of something good, which says you are giving much good yourself, the shovel, symbolically may suggest digging up issues you may find difficult to deal with however, this could be supported my a strong feminine presence in the form of a cat! (in the spiritual sense, cats mean strong feminine presence). The old clothes could be that this is not a new situation that is being revisited and that there could be underlying currents that you would like to sort out.The old girlfriend may possibly be where the issue lies and the pet box may be where the strong feminine presence will need to be put and kept out of the way of your moving forward with your great gift. This is not a fact it is merely a suggestion based on spiritual meaning and symbolism.



    • Wow, thanks for some interpretation. There are several possibilities looking at it that way. I thought I was just being mean and needing to bury a cat. You have given me something to think about….maybe an interpretation and resolution post should follow….Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • You're very welcome, I am greatful for the comment. I would be happy to write you a guest post on interpretation and resolution if that would help.

        Please feel free to contact me on the email you have for me.



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