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Fiction Saturday 2! Jackson Malone Finale! Part 6

Well folks it is here, fiction Saturday and actually the Finale of Jackson Malone.  I just didn’t want to fill it with a bunch of useless fluff to go another week.  There is more news at the bottom of the post.  Have a good read.

If you haven’t read part 1 yet,

Or even Part 2,

Or even Part 3,

Let alone Part 4,

Or even Part 5,  the following will make next to no sense.  Now that you are caught up, On with the Show!

When We Left Our Story Last Time:

“Sergeant Stebbins.” A tired voice answered when the line connected.  “What can I do for you?”  “Hi Art.  It’s Jack.  How are you?” I replied, relieved that a friend had answered.  “Hey Jack.” He replied.  “Everybody is looking for you.  They heard you were out by that warehouse where that guy got shot yesterday.  That have something to do with you?”  “Sort of.” I said.

“I am down here now though.  I know who burned down your warehouse and who killed Nelson Moran across the street.”  “What?!?” came the incredulous reply. “You know who did that?  Who?”  “Gangs and drugs Art.  Gangs and drugs.  Vance’s Gang.  Send some cars.  No sirens, these guys will run.  There are a few of them and a whole potload of homeless guys hanging around.  I am at the booth down the street.”  He tried to reply but I hung up the call and rejoined the group milling around the warehouse.

And now we join the rest of the story already in progress:

I headed west through the crowd knowing most of the police would arrive from that direction.  I had to meet them before everybody important left, namely Vance.  It was only a few minutes later when the first car arrived.

I stopped the officer by standing in front of his car.  He was not amused as he got out and drew his pistol.  He was not one of the cops that I knew.  I displayed my detective’s license and gave my name and that of Art Stebbins.  He relaxed a bit but still nearly arrested me, until I told him what was going on.

“In that house is the drug runner and gang leader known as Vance.  Vice, Narcotics and Homicide have been trying to bust him for years.  You can do that now.  You can be the big hero today.”  He looked at me wryly.  “Why are you even here?” he asked.  “A case.” I said.  “The brother of Nelson Moran hired me to find out something about his murder.  I did.”

I continued, “Vance was running a drug ring out of your records warehouse over there and using homeless guys to process and distribute the stuff.  One of them got pissed off and burned it down.  Vance was not amused.  Every night he hosts these rumbles where the winner gets a night in that house over there with chicks of his choice.  That night, Nelson Moran won the rumble and was in the house.  Vance found out that he had burned down his drug operation and instead of a night of fun, Vance’s goons beat the hell out of Moran with a pipe and left him dead in the bedroom.  They are all in there right now with the latest winner.”

“You sure?” he asked.  “Look,” I said, “Don’t be a retard.  Would I be telling you this if it weren’t true?  What would I have to gain besides a night in jail?  Nothing that’s what.  Now get your ass in gear and arrest some people.  You are solving 2 crimes and taking a major drug dealer off of the streets.  Narc and vice will be fighting over who gets you first.  Go.”  He didn’t say another word.  By now some of his brothers had shown up and he quickly explained the situation to them.  This is one of the things I missed the most.  The camaraderie.  This bust was great.  Oh well. I at least know I broke it all open.

I sat back against the cruiser and dreamed of being with them as they crashed the door and entered the house.  I dreamed I was reading rights and snapping handcuffs when I felt a hand clamp itself on my shoulder and spin me around.  I went defensive and reached for my .38, as a deep voice said, “No need for that Jackson Malone I won’t kill you…yet.”  I looked up into the face of the man I had been afraid of the previous day.  Chief Burton.

We had been friends once before I was kicked off of the force.  Now he was not happy with me at all.  “Good work Malone.  This is a big bust.  Maybe you can get back on the force one day.  Did you kill Jimmy Wolfe??”  “Who is Jimmy Wolfe?” I asked.

“Thug in the warehouse.  Killed yesterday.  3 .38 slugs to the chest.  You do him?”  “Ummmm  yea.  He was shooting at me and I shot back.  What are you going to do about it.”  “Nothing.  He was a pain in the ass.  He deserved it.  We have been trying to get him and his boss Vance for a long time.  Good work.  You closed a lot of cases today.  Now, get out of here Malone.  Call me on Monday. We’ll talk”

I walked away from the now flashing police lights and men bustling about with their arrested charges.  I walked towards home, thinking of being a cop again.

Thinking of telling Rob Moran who killed his brother.  Thinking of the nice fat fee he would bring with him.  Thinking about a shower.  Playing a homeless guy stinks.

Well folks that is it for this chapter of Jackson Malone!  There are more adventures starring him though.  I like the guy.

Unlike Death With a Vengeance, the ebook of this story will not be available today.  Through some sort of cheap guilt ridden tricks, I am being forced to flesh out the story more.  The ebook will be available on May 15th, expanded and improved.  These stories on here will be but he cliff notes versions.  Watch for it, you will like it.

Next week I am going to begin a story of murder and strange intrigue.  Along the way there will be choices for you, my fine readers, to make.  You will determine the direction of the story at key points.  I am going to write the other side as well and release both as an ebook when that story plays out.  This one is going to go for a while.

The results of my poll the other day indicated that you would keep reading as long as there was story to tell.  That is where we are going now, and you will help guide our hero.

Until next week and the release of a fabulous Jackson Malone ebook on May 15th, I bid you good day!



  1. So we never find out if he gets to be a cop again?
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Sunday Funnies – Happily Ever After =-.

  2. He won’t lose his loner-cool if he becomes a cop will he?

    I am very curious to see how you decide to flesh this out. I think the characters really deserve it, particularly Malone (of course) and Vance. I think we need some cool interactions and a showdown between those two. And if you keep listening to my input you’re going to have a novel on your hand because I’ll probably just keep asking for more.
    .-= Carlos Velez´s last blog ..Sunday Short: Commit to a Lifetime of Experiences =-.

    • Maybe I should just get an outline from you! There is a bunch here to write and a bunch of ther stuff… As for the cop thing…we will have to see. who really wants to work for “The Man” forever?

  3. And don’t forget the real estate agent intent on gentrification.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Status Update – April =-.

  4. Not bad! These are getting better.

    I'll start into the next one soon.

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