Mar 242014

Way back a week ago I got a couple of comments that made me do something impetuous. I started another blog called Cantankerous Old Coots. You can read the story of its birth here.

Well over the past week it has grown a bit and developed some traction of its own.  Our patron Coot Ralph has posted the manifesto of Cantankerousness and has several great ideas ready to roll.  He has also shamelessly plugged the site here.

We are working on getting together a Consortium of Coots to post sage wisdom and general discontent.  As Ralph put it in his plug: ” Don’t expect to learn anything or develop your lifestyle.  It won’t make you a financial powerhouse or a software guru…..   But if you do decide to drop by, beware,  you might just find out that you are a cantankerous old coot too and then there is no turning back.”  (edits by me, go read the real post) Be warned, any sort of cantankerousness or ranting in a comment will earn you a guest post that must be fulfilled.

This blog is not about all of the typical crap that we blog about.  That is important on Catharsis of the Bogue so there will be no tolerance for anti blogging propaganda.  The Coots however….

The Coots will be fun.  It will be spearheaded by the Great Old Coots led by Ralph, as long as his fingers and his temper do not run out on him.  It will be filled with English and not modern slang.  It will not be a site to get all fluffy and tender with.  We will tell it like it is.   We will vent and say pretty much what the FCC and the First Amendment will let us.

So, head on over to Cantankerous Old Coots and take a step back from political correctness and fluffy feelgoods to get a laugh with a bunch of old coots spouting off about whatever comes up.

Leave a comment here and head over to the Coots and see what is happening!


  4 Responses to “Don’t Mind If I Did!”

  1. Justin,

    I’m heading over there right away; it sounds like it could be of interest to me. Let’s hope I’m not disappointed.

    It’s great to hear about the alternative type of blog.



  2. With the crew in charge in Washington, I don’t think we need to worry too much about the constitution any more but the FCC has me scared.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Shameless plug for Cantankerous Old Coots =-.

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