May 272014

Is there anything that strikes fear into the heart of the “average” man like the threat of changing diapers???  That gets made fun of all over TV and in homes everywhere.

The truth?  I have never had an issue with changing diapers.  I would just go and change the kids if they needed it.  It was always funny to watch my Dad squirm and my Mom ttry to take the kids to change them.  Diapers no problem.

I do complain about them now, because my almost 4 year old is doing what I was afraid of more than anything when we first had kids.  Potty Training.  There should be horror movies written about potty training.  There should be death metal songs about it.  The end result is fantastic but the process sucks.

The ONLY thing I was nervous about when our first daughter was born 9 years ago was potty training.  And not crushing her with my inept grip.  Potty training time has been the worst time I have had dealing with my kids.  Kind of silly huh?  I would rather do diapers if you must know the truth.  Flip a brain switch and suddenly they are trained!  Woo Hoo!  Doesn’t happen though.

Now, you may wonder why I am talking about potty training.  It is something I have been doing with my nearly 4 year old daughter who is not potty trained.  I have been working with her and it is coming but still…..  Why is she nearly 4 and not potty trained?  I am just lazy.

No seriously, she spent 2 full years without any kidney’s.  She didn’t urinate for 2 years straight.  We saved tons of money on diapers.  She was completely dependent on dialysis (dialysis is a helluva lot more expensive than diapers, in both money and soul.  Not a strategy to save anything) for those years and didn’t have any bladder function at all.

You want a good laugh?  Watch the interns at the hospital digging through the diaper pail looking for the wet diaper that just had to be there.  We would let them go for a while and then remind them that “bi-lateral nephrectomy” (both kidney’s removed) means she will not have a wet diaper….EVER!  The senior Nephrologists love that story too.

So we are here almost exactly 1 year after she received her new kidney.  It took several months for her bladder to stretch back out to where it would hold more than a teaspoon at a time.  It took time for her muscles to be able to hold in some urine.  For the past 2 months, she has been doing well and is fairly normal with her control, if a year behind.  We are not worried, it is the time now to get her trained.  I am sick of diapers and pull ups.

Besides, there will be a whole new round of diapers when the new baby gets here in July.  I will be stuck with diapers for another couple of years and then be done.  And then another round of potty training.  I can do it.  *Deep Breath* I have to, I am the Dad.

Please regale us with your potty training stories below!  I would love to hear them!


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  1. I changed diapers too in the distant past. Number one son used to grin mischeviously when I placed him on the table. Then when the wet diaper was removed he spouted and laughed. We developed a quick towel through to deflect the stream before the wipe and change. The worst part was the wiping. You bring back all these wonderful memories – and the smells.

  2. Justin every time I come here I am outstanded at the strength you and your family have, without soundind patranizing (spelling I am dyslexic !) you really do have a strong family there great insight … anyway

    My first nappy change was roughly 18 hrs after he was born and it's the first one so it was like thick tar,, never seen anything like it I went through a whole bag of cotton swabs….and it took another bag to get it off my hands!

    • Thanks for the kind words James. Those first couple of days are quite nasty to change. The other bad one is when they start on solid foods. My daughter had some really nasty ones based on what medications she was on at the time.

  3. Don't have kids but I've changed hundreds, maybe thousands of diapers from my time working at a preschool. I taught a 18-24 month old class for almost a year. The worst was always the day after the school served corn with lunch…gross.

    I echo James' sentiments. Such strength you and your wife must have. I am gkad things have turned out well enough that you get to experience potty training all over again. Heh.

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