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Being a geek can only take you so far…

I have spent way too much time reading about blogging and how to set up my website. I am still trying to fine tune so I don’t feel like I am wasting all of my time but it sure is not getting anything written.

I seem to have this problem that is not exactly procrastination, but it is not focusing correctly. It began a long time ago but it has not been bad until the internet came along. Then came broadband internet and I was in geek heaven. So much research, so little time. Google can be a cruel mistress, but much cheaper than a real one. Have you ever regressed from broadband to dial-up? I almost had a stroke waiting for broadband to return, finally had to go to a cable modem and it is almost fast enough. I am such a junkie.

My most recent issue with over research has been blogging. This past year it has been Kettlebells. I started thinking about them a year ago and researched. Got my first set in February and worked out and researched. Got my 16kg in March and worked and researched. And then researched and researched and researched. I have read so much about kettlebells, proper form, bad form, bad trainers, and the iron itself it is kind of embarrassing. The worst part is I have barely used my bells for all of the research.

I did drill a hole in my 15# bell and added dumbbell plates with a bolt so that I could do heavier swings. That was about the only thing that it was good for but it worked. Then some more research. If there was a test out for the RKC I could probably do it.

Some thumbnails of my 15# kettlebell that now swings at 55#.  Click to Enlarge!

Now it is for real in this new year I am trying to decide exactly how to divide my time between blogging, housework, running the kids around and going back to Pavel’s program minimum from Enter the Kettlebell. Last night I couldn’t even do that, I settled for a bunch of planks, push ups and cobras. Still did something though. Any tips would be appreciated.

For now, my morning writing time is almost up. I have laundry to do (see previous posts, hopefully no migraine today).



  1. Hi Justin,

    I’m working on building effective habit, but only one habit at a time.

    My current habit is writing for an hour each morning.

    That’s it.

    If I only do that, the rest of the day can be it’s usual out-of-control wackiness, and it’s all good.

    In Feb, I start an exercise habit: 30 minutes of stretching, yoga, etc. after I finish writing.

    My key is not checking email until after I’m done.
    .-= Dave Doolin´s last blog ..Website In A Weekend: Thursday evening – Get into the gate =-.

  2. I am working on the 1 hour of writing and 30 mins of general internet in the morning and then housework. I think exercise at night but I may change. That e-mail will kill you with links and info thats for sure.

    Thanks for the input you are a fabulous resource.

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