Sep 202013

Today I am posting my first video here at Catharsis Of the Bogue. I first saw this video over at Ben Lumley’s site,

If you have never been there, head on over. Straight from his home page: “6Aliens is a blog about inspiration, motivation and success. Ben Lumley is a Motivational Speaker and Trainer who works for no limits education inspiring young people to succeed in life.”

So I saw this video and it was very inspiring. I was impressed at the quality of the compilation, as I am sure Ben was; which is why he put it on his site. Plus it fills nicely my love of a good boxing movie.  So without further adieu, I give you “Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure”

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  4 Responses to “Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure”

  1. Thanks for the mention Justin.

    I love this video and the sentiment is so true.

    If we all strive to be great think what society could accomplish.

  2. WOW! Thank you!

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