May 272014

Ok so this isn’t really a list of people to kill and I am probably on some CIA watch list now but you are here and reading arent you?  There is a special prize if you read until the end.

Today’s post was inspired by my wife’s OBGYN office.  Not the doctor, the receptionists, nurses and lab people all left me with a very bad vibe today.  If you didn’t know, My wife is pregnant.  She is due the first part of July and she had to have a test that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment in most countries around the world.  We had to go in for the wonderfully exciting 3 hour glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes.  Without recapping the whole day time by time, here is what I observed.

1.  Glucose drink may as well be Karo syrup.

2. It says on the bottle may cause Nausea (check), cramping (check), Diarrhea (check).  And the lab techs are surprised at any of these symptoms.

3.  Certain 4 letter words that rhyme with “Truck” keep coming up in conjunction with this test.

4.  My poor wife, she is ready to puke, feeling terrible, cramping and ready to toss her cookies (she couldn’t really have cookies of course) and be done with the test.  The Nurse and the lab techs keep coming out and asking if she is ok and needing to get he blood drawn.

It was a long 3 hours.  There was a point where I really wanted to stand up and yell, “OK Somebody has to die now, You guys choose who it is!”

By the end of it, everything turned out fine and My wife is a trooper.  She made it through without killing anyone or puking on them.  It is funny to watch her argue with the nurses, she is a nurse too and can cut through the BS that the OBGYN nurse spouts like a hot hammer through butter.  Not even a knife stroke, smashed.  It makes me happy when she can put them in their places.  She has learned a lot of things being a trauma Nurse that a specialized nurse in a doctors office can’t even begin to understand.

They should outlaw this test.  This post may have been a better rant over at but I wrote it here first.  Take that and….I digress.

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  10 Responses to “A list of People to Kill…”

  1. I suppose there is a good reason why your wife had to go through this test. Or do you just have Kaiser?

    • yea reason is about 3 points higher than they like on some scale that the doctors like to use. She has been almost the same levels on the other 3 kids. It is just frustrating

  2. Hi Justin. Our baby is due in mid June and my wife had to go through the same test a couple of weeks ago with similar symptoms. Seems a bit of an odd way to do a test I must say.

    • Just makes you mad doesn't it. I will be glad when the baby comes again. Congrats on your baby, how is your wife doing?

      • It certainly does Justin. We have a scan in the morning, which is a bit of a worry as our baby has a 2 vessel cord (normally it's 3). It's very rare 1:500, so fingers crossed all will be ok. Good luck with yours also! Exciting times!

        • Good gad I hope everything turns out ok. It is very stressful to have scans like that. Our 3rd baby we had to do weekly ultrasounds and tests becasue they were worried about Spina Bifida because one test was slightly high. She was born just fine.

  3. Congrats on the baby coming. Your story of your wife (the nurse) having to deal with other nurses reminded me of this time that my dad drove himself to the hospital, during or directly before he had a heart attack (haha). He went to the ER unit, told the receptionist there he was having a heart attack, and they told him to sit down. Then my dad was like, “I'm an MD, and I know what a heart attack feels like.”

    Hope you make it through the rest of these 3-hour appointments…maybe they're getting her ready for the torture that's going to be child-birth by subjecting you guys to these things.

  4. Hi Justin, 3hrs seems such a long time, hospitals can be stressful enough without having to do any tests. Just sitting in the waiting room and I start stressing out. Happy to know that everything is ok and you can now look forward to more sleepless nights 🙂 lol

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