Apr 122013

I am going to cheat again today and put up a video.  I have liked this commercial for a long time.  It is about one of my favorite things in the whole world, fishing.  If you haven’t ever noticed, I talk about fishing a fair bit.  It is going to get worse this summer as fishing season gets into full swing.

I hit one of our local ponds the other day to try out my brand new rod that I mentioned in this post way back on March 1st.  I haven’t had that rod out of the trailer since I wrote that post, but it has been calling me.  So when it was sunny the other day with temps in the 60’s, I hit the local pond.  It is about a acre of water in a park not too far from my house.

Didn’t catch anything but the new rod is awesome.  Cast well, retrieved well, and that flourocarbon line?  I may never return to mono.  More on that later, after some other trips.  It is almost time to break out the fly fishing gear and hit the streams.  But this video is about lake fishing.  Enjoy.

Tomorrow, Fiction Saturday! Only 2 weeks left of this story, and then another story!

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  5 Responses to “An Icthyologist or a Sportsman?”

  1. Never had much luck with the Rapalas.

    Mepps, now, I've hauled in bushels of bluegill on Mepps spinners. Shakespeare 5 1/2 ultralight rod, Garcia Mitchell 408 with 4lb test. Nice little rig, sporty, fun, easy to get around with.

    • my all time favorite is the Lil' Devil gold hammered spoon. I have caught more trout on those than I can count. I do like the mepps as well. Rooster Tails are good, they have a bit of hair around the hook. I was at one lake and the orange rooster tail was the ONLY thing that caught fish for 2 days of fishing.

      The rod I won is a shimano 6 1/2 foot medium action with shimano 2500 reel. I put 8 lb flourocarbon line on it. I keep another breakdown rod in the car for emergencies. and a breakdown fly rod.

      We should go fishing if I ever make it to San Fran.

  2. Do you catch and release?

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