Sep 262013

Just to warn you, this is a rambling post.  If you can’t handle that, leave a comment and grab a copy of my e-Book, Death With A Vengeance.  It is a good read.

Wow, Wednesday was not good for writing.  I just couldn’t get any ideas to do anything but sit there.  I guess I could say it was writers block, I could say I am just overwhelmed with stuff to do.  Or I can man up and say it was hard to write today.

Ok, it was hard to write today.  I am sure everyone has had the same experience at one time.  Or all of the time.  I have read countless posts about having too many windows open, too many emails to read and too many tweets to keep up with.  I did better on Tuesday when I had it all mapped out.  But I didn’t have to paint the hallway on Tuesday now did I?

Just a quick question that I would like solid answers for, why does a newborn care what the hallway looks like?  Or the Basement?  The kid can’t see more than 12 inches for a month or so anyway.  Hormones are insidious little bastards that just make more work for me.

So I am stuck in some strange vortex that is starting to make me mad.  I have things I want to write, I have blog posts I need to write, I have things I want to read, Affliate programs I want to review, and products I want to develop to sell.  I need to get organized.  And focused.  Maybe I just need more sleep.

Sorry for the ramblings, I am sure Thursday will be better.  But, to quote the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (one of the best books EVER) I never did get the hang of Thursdays.  Thank you Douglas Adams.

Your well crafted and highly entertaining comments will be welcome below.


  2 Responses to “If Only to Ramble, I want to be Ford Prefect.”

  1. Well you managed to write something after all? But missing out on a post for one day isn't going to kill you, believe me 🙂 and babies can actually see colours when they are born, it maybe hazy but they can still see it. 🙂

    • Color is not the issue, it is whether the baby will care of the hall was painted. It is finished now. I was just ranting. Thanks for the comment. I am seriously considering cutting down to 4 days per week and Saturday. I have been at this for almost 4 months, so I am getting decent traffic and I figured out stumble upon so a day less shouldn't kill me too much.

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