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You only have 24 hours to…

I have a question today.  Think about this.

What would you do if you had 24 hours completely to yourself?

The house was clean, the kids taken care of, the cars working, the yardwork done, no work, blog post written, not one thing required of you. Time of year is ideal for whatever you wish to do.  When you get back there is no backlog of anything.  It is a completely free 24 hours.

What would you do?

Me I am torn between sleep the whole time and catch up a bit or go fishing.  I am thinking fishing will win but I will have to sit in the bottom of the boat so when I do fall asleep I don’t end up in the drink.

Please share with all of us what you would do!



  1. Good question! Way, way too many people complain about being too busy to do something just for themselves but they wind up sitting in front of the TV any time we get a few spare minutes.

    I like to run when I have a day to myself. My friends know that I’m an avid runner, so I do it regularly anyway, but it helps me think. If I’m having a problem or just trying to figure out a solution for my site, I can usually come to some sort of conclusion while I’m out running.

    • That’s awesome. I just started this business over the winter so I haven’t been seriously fishing yet. I can’t wait to see what I come up with out there on the lake when there are not many distractions. Unless I can catch so many fish that I am too occupied to think. Yea like that ever happens. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I would drive to Glencoe, stopping off for lunch by the lakes, take a long walk along a forest trail. There is spectacular scenery in Scotland, I would then head for the coastal route home in the early evening and have dinner in a village pub. Taking loads of fantastic pictures along the way.

    I would then end the day with a huge bar of chocolate! LOL 🙂
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  3. I’d spend it with my family…as many of them as I could get to one place at the same time. My sister and her son moved to FL over a year ago and we’ve had two short visits. I have aunts and uncles I’ve not seen much of since my granny’s passing 7 years or so ago.I have a second cousin I’ve never even met.. I miss the way we’d all get together at granny’s for the holidays.
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    • It seems like family always drifts when the older generations are gone. My family has done much the same when my Grandpa died, and my wifes family the same when her grandma died. It would be nice to get a bunch of them together…Thanks for coming by!

  4. What an excellent question Justin. When I read the opening paragraph I thought about all the decluttering I could get done in 24 hours but the house is tidy and clean? Wow!

    OK, so I’d lie in until at least 8am (Justin, back me up, with three young kids in tow usually, 8am is a lie in!) before going out for breakfast somewhere fabulous.

    Then films, read, write (for sheer pleasure, not because I have a schedule to keep to!) I’d also like to include some quality time with my husband in that 24 hours. In fact, can you magic us to Paris for the afternoon or is that against the rules?

    I’d end my 24 hours with a long, hot bubbly bubble bath, candles and a good book.

    So, where’s my fairy godmother? 😉

    • That sounds fantastic Eleanor! where is that fairy godmother….she should be here anytime….:) This 24 hours you could do ANYTHING you want, just blink and you are in Paris for the afternoon…

      what a great day!

      • Awesome. Thanks Justin 🙂 For some reason the email telling me you'd replied ended up in some weird box in my email. Only now spotted it. Glad you liked my 24 hours though 🙂

  5. Courtney Cantrell

    June 21, 2010 at 10:16

    Oil painting, chocolate eating, movie watching, and sleeping. 🙂

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