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Loyalty and Business Sense.

I have been sitting on this post for a day or two but today I want to write it.  I started thinking about how great it is to start building traffic and actually having people reading my blog.  It is exciting to be putting out a product and having someone consume it.  A product that is part of my brain and has required no sweat or muscle to produce.

I have been excited to get replies to my comments on other sites, and on my site.  It is exciting to be “out there” and getting noticed.  If I keep on this way I will be famous in a few years.  That is my hope at least.

I was also thinking about loyalty.  I have several blogs in my RSS reader and I usually keep up with them fairly well.  I have been commenting more and have been plesantly surprised at responses.  Those blogs I tend to want to visit more and more.  If someone posts a comment on my site I want to reply to the comment and then go see what they have in store.  I have been keeping track of people on twitter the same way.

I follow a bunch of people and reply to many who are not following me because I have an opinion damnit and you will at least see there was a tweet directed somewhere vaguely in your general direction.  It is coold to “talk” to people all over the world from one interface though.  You all are my only friends….Just kidding I do interact with humans.  Mostly small ones, but still humans. (written as my 3 year old is begging for Dora the Explorer to return)

So, to go with Loyalty, I read a post on Mike’s Life blog today about reciprocity.  Go ahead and read it yourself but it made me think about loyalty to those who are “with” you on your blog/business.  Mike stated that he has been an affiliate of this other site and has sent traffic to it, if that traffic did not come to sales, that is business.  Mike has done his job and paved the way for a sale to take place.  My opinion, and the way I want to conduct myself in business, if someone I have even heard of doing anything for me wants my help I will do everything I can to help.

I may think differently later but ever since business school I have thought the same.  Give great customer service and go for quality over quantity.  That may limit some income opportunities but I will have loyal customers that will come back and tell their friends about me and my business.  You can’t put a price on that.

Until later,


PS check out my page For Our Troops for a patriotic message! Thanks

For Our Troops, Thank You.

Please check out my other page, For our troops.  This was an email sent from one of our marines to his father in hopes it can get around the world.  please retweet, link, cut copy and email or do whatever is necessary.  Semper Fi Gentlemen.


A review, for no ulterior motive!

Hey friends, I am writing this today because I want to help out a guy who I just discovered the other day.  The guy?  His name is Tony Deyo and he is a comedian.

Now just to be clear at the top of the post, I am not getting anything for this review.  I don’t make money from Tony and he has only given me a free copy of his CD.  You can get your own copy of his CD just by joining his mailling list at  It is free to you as well.

Now that the details are out of the way, this CD, called “I’m telling you for the first time”, is a funny piece of work.  I first heard about the free CD and about Tony himself on the Bob and Tom show the other day.  Tony has been working his way up the comedy ladder and has the unique ability to remain clean but still tackle some adult subjects.

I for one like a comedian who can be funny with out using any of George Carlin’s 7 words you cant say on television.  Besides, he is funny.  His bit on Facebook is worth getting the CD for, especially to us who are in the blogging world and use Facebook.  He talks about parents and the lies we tell ourselves and others, and the worst part of being a parent, Potty Training.

I have gone through the potty training 3 times and am getting ready to train the 4th and I’ll tell you that was the only thing I was worried about raising kids.  I have written that before, this is not new.  Potty training should be made fun of and Tony does  so brilliantly.

On one of his wallpapers he says he is a full time Stay at Home Dad.  Caught my interest right away because, you know, that is me as well.  The only difference, I have 4 kids, he has none.  I attribute his situation to “Family Planning” .  Check out track 13 to see what I mean.

If all that is not enough, he talks about miracles.  I am not going to say more, Track 15 will make you laugh out loud.  As if you haven’t done that enough by the time you get to 15.

So, the long and the short of it, Head over to Tony Deyo’s website at and sign up for his mailing list.  He will send you a link to his latest CD for download.  Listen to it.  Laugh.  Then keep scanning the schedule page hoping he comes to your city.  I can’t wait until he hits Wiseguys here in Salt Lake.

Thanks for the laughs Tony, I can’t wait for more.

have a good day guys.


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