Hey folks, since I first wrote this Post, Dr. Doolin has been frantically working and reworking Blog Post Engineering.  He is launching version 0.7.4 William Today and let me tell you it will be well worth having a copy.  Like I say below, I purchased an earlier copy and Dave was kind enough to send me updates of this release.  It has more depth and several bonuses that will make your blog posts even better.  Click any of the links here or over on the sidebar to learn more.  I really think that this e-book should be in every bloggers toolkit to make some killer, SEO friendly blog posts.  Read on for more!

I deliberately delayed the posting of my Blog Post Engineering review.  I know the “un-launch” has come and gone, but there were so many glowing reviews of this book, I wanted to wait and post later.  So I could get more traffic and SEO without the masses clogging up google.  It is selfish but there you are.

Oh, and all of the links here are probably affiliate links, so take that and do what you will with it, I may make money from anything you click.  And that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I actually bought and paid for this book.  It does come with updates, of which I have already received one.  This book will really help you write excellent blog posts.

I bought Blog Post Engineering to make my posts better and ultimately gain followers, customers, and Google rank.  My first concern when buying the book was the same whenever I buy anything, am I actually going to use this and make it worth the investment.  The email I go t from Dave about breaking legs and sledge hammers had something else to do with it.  Of course I can’t prove that e-mail ever existed so I may have been dreaming.

I wondered if I could actually use the information in a practical way.  Guess what, yes I could and so can everyone who blogs.  This book and these tips are for anyone who blogs, no experience required.  If you have experience posting on a blog, this book will help you polish and refine your posts.

There is a TON of useful and relevant information that is spelled out in a very straightforward way.  It showed me how to use tags and categories in a more useful way,  to be more productive and get on the SEO radar.

I liked how it read more like a conversation than a textbook, it was easy to follow and retain the information.  It is formatted to look like a book, so it kind of feels like reading a book.  There are plenty of links to articles on Website In A Weekend.  I had already read most of these posts so I could really see the implementation of the concepts described.

This book also goes into some promotion of your posts, so that you can actually get readers there and let the SEO magic start happening.

I would very much recommend Blog Post Engineering, especially if you are new to blogging and are trying to get eyes on your blog, all of the techniques int BPE are proven and tested several times over.  They work.

This ebook is on my desktop so that I can refer to it as often as I need.  I found some stuff I was doing right, some I was doing kind of right, and some I wasn’t doing at all.  In one fairly concise ebook all of this information is at your fingertips.

** New content- This new version has even more value than before.  It is organized in sections that let you build your skills.  It includes new chapters on what to do with old posts and how to use audio and video more effectively.  There are also chapters on using some quality plugins that will increase SEO.  **

Now, to be fair, all of this information is available on Website In A Weekend. Much of this information has been taken down and is only available in this e-manual.  If you go looking for it on there, you will find it but it takes quite a bit of digging. This book brings together all of that great information in one spot, that is instantly useable.  I think this is half of the value of the book.  The other is increasing your SEO significantly.

The best part, besides the 90 day money back guarantee, is lifetime updates to Blog Post Engineering.  When a new version comes out, you get an email.  That in itself is worth more than you will pay for the book.  It just keeps getting better and better.  I do have it on authority from Dave himself that the final version is coming.  Some of the extras available right now will not be included with the final version.  Now is a great time to purchase.  As of the date of this update, 10/27/10, the price is $23.  As of 10/31 the price will be going up to to $47.  Even that is more than worth it.

Go Check out Dave’s site and Blog Post Engineering.  You will be glad you did!