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Return of the Bogue…

Hey everyone.  Have you heard this before?  Does anyone even care?

No Tears for the Creatures

No Tears for the Creatures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I do believe that you will be treated to some new posts.  SAHD Friday, Poetry Tuesday…meanderings from my brain the rest of the week.  Saturday Fiction may even come back.

Today, I wanted to go on about something that I think I have hit before, the amount of input the world gives us.  Right now, there are 2 TV’s showing stuff to the kids and I am listening to a podcast while typing this.  How much is too much?  Where do we draw the line, and how can we manage this whole electronic life that we are or have created.

I for one am trying to figure out how to read all of the things on the internet, read all of the emails (or just delete the things), and listen to all of the podcasts that are keeping me from recording my own.  You see, there are plans, then there are implementation.  Some things you just have to push delete, or shut off.  I unplugged the TV and took the cord the other day, just to get the kids to stop watching the damn thing.

I read an email the other day by the wonderful Johnny B. Truant, where he is trying to help people be “legendary”.  You can click HERE to join his email list and get your own manifesto, “How to Be Legendary.”  It is great but not the focus of this post. Continue reading

Punching Heavy Bags and Blog Posts

It has been a while since I have punched a heavy bag with any real intent. The last one was at my Dad’s house before I was married 12 years ago. This weekend I went and bought a heavy bag. I hung it up in the basement and proceeded to punch the crap out of it.

Apart from being very satisfying and realizing that my technique is poor right now, I was thinking how those few minutes with the bag equate to blogging. So here goes.

1. There is nothing more satisfying than landing a good hard punch, straight on and powerful. If you throw it right, you can feel the power coming from your legs up through your back, shoulder and arm.   Pavel Tsatsouline says that a kettlebell snatch is the closest thing to throwing a punch.  I am not sure about that yet, but I know that I can punch harder since starting with the kettlebells.

Like an actual punch, there is nothing more satisfying than a blog post that hits right in your target market and blows people away.  There is power in words that can move mountains.  There is however the question of how to judge effectiveness.  A punch is immediate, and gives instant feedback.  It is either good or not.  A post must wait for page views and comments.

2.  You can also hit a glancing blow on the bag that just causes it to spin and has not real power to it.  There are post like that, they are there, you know they have been written, but they are weak.  If your whole site is like that it will fail.  There has to be a learning curve, a few great posts, a few bad posts, then a bunch of knockouts.

3.  If you hit wrong, you can do damage.  If you don’t learn and continue to hit wrong, you can do permanent damage.  This is much the same with your posts.  I’m not saying you cant be wrong, or that you will not be wrong.  The point is, if you are wrong, admit it or don’t but learn from it and change.  If you keep posting bad posts (aka wrong technique) and you don’t change it you can have your blog fizzle out and be only a statistic.

4 Good technique is the only thing that will help you.  With boxing, kettlebells or writing, good technique will keep you safe and show results.  With writing, and blogging, good technique will keep you afloat and will keep readers coming.

I hope that I am using that good technique.  Yesterday I posted late because of other things.  It was interesting to note that as soon as that post notification was sent out via twitter I checked the post and went to my daily count.  In less than 20 seconds there were 16 visitors online at the same time.  That tells me my goals are coming and my blog is growing.

Dont forget to check out my Pre-Writing Challenge page!  We start Friday!

Thanks for reading this far.  There will be no quiz today.


Running Out of Either Steam or Caffeine

Hello and welcome to Thursday!  I have to apologize for yesterday, domestic tasks needed to be taken care of  and the computer was few and far between.  Yet another reason for the pre-writing challenge and having a queue of posts built up.

An update on the challenge:  it has been nearly 1 week since the challenge started and so many of the participants are  producing fantastic blog posts and ideas.  I don’t have any posts written yet but the titles are in my drafts queue and waiting for fabulousness!  I have to let life catch up without losing focus and blowing off the challenge with procrastination.

So I am at the point in my blog where I can see many people giving up.  The novelty of the blog is gone and the work is really beginning.  Posts are still not hard to write, it is harder to get to the writing.  I can produce better content but is it fulfilling a need somewhere or just belching out crap from my brain that no one cares about?

I really feel like my posts are better with some facts and research in them.  I like to brag some about my blog and how it is doing.  Yesterday I did zero promotion on my blog.  Zero and my stat press recorded 48 visitors.  Today as I write this there have already been 12 visitors.  That tells me I have been doing something right.  My Alexa rank has gone from 12,850,206 on Feb1 to 1,149,880 today.  I am not obsessing with Alexa but many places look at it and it is a good universally compared to ranking.  People are looking from all over the world.  Alexa lists the UK, Philippines, and Australia on it’s list.  That is so freaking cool I can hardly contain myself.  I love the internet.  With all of this in mind, I really need to keep up with my posts and comments.

I haven’t been reading and commenting as much as I need to to bring more traffic in.  Like I said the “work” part of this online journey is really beginning.  I have to take a page from my buddy James at the infopreneur, (I talk about him a lot.  He is going to get a big head) and get my stuff in a pile.  That and write and comment!  I am approaching 2000 visitors to my site so I can’t give up now.  I am only 1 month away from the magical 3 and not being one of the statistics.

Yesterday was an interesting introspection for me.  I was catching up on housework and helping the kids with homework when I realized that all of the organization, prioritization, and time management stuff I have been reading and talking about is barely getting incorporated.  I have been doing the stay at home dad thing for quite a while now and I still try to figure out how my Mom always had it together and kept everything clean and running.

I don’t think I am running out of steam on my business, I just need to stoke the fire and get it flowing again!  Therefore, I need more caffeine and less excuses.

If you are reading this, you are awesome.  Pat yourself on the back and then go enjoy the day.


Digging for and Dusting Off Post Ideas

hey folks.  Today is the day.  Well technically Friday is the day the Pre-Writing Challenge starts.  Today I plan to raid my old notebooks and search out all of the bits of paper that I can find with any sort of writing idea on it.

I should have enough ideas to fill my challenge list and much more. I was reading through some papers that I had in a box a while ago. Most of them were drafts of projects from high school and different writing projects that I have done. I looked at these and said, “I should rewrite this one”. I have a few stories like that. I am going to rework some of them and maybe they can be published.

I have one set that I have always loved. It is a first person detective comedy that is filled with rampant sarcasm but not very good writing. I have 4 stories in the series that get better and better. I always thought they could be published together as the ZXC Chronicles. I have notes for part 5, I think I am going to rewrite that whole thing.

If that same box there are several little notes with band names, story ideas, snippets of song lyrics and words that sounded good together at one time.  Many of these snippets could be blog posts and some could be quite good or quite profound.  Maybe just something funny.  I think that as part of the Pre Writing Challenge I will try some different styles of posts.  Funny, ironic, list, classical hungarian, ok maybe not that one.  I am going to use this challenge to not only write more, but to expand the depth of my writing, which is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place.

Short one today, have to get the munchkin to the hospital for tests.  Kidney Transplant doctors are paranoid when fevers top 102 degrees.

Until Tomorrow,


PS Did I mention my Pre-Writing Challenge Page???  check it out!

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