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You know it doesn’t seem to matter the year, I always end up getting a cold around Christmas time.  I don’t know if it is because of the cold air and being outside, or if it because my kids are bringing germs home from school or because my wife is bringing home stuff from work.  The ER is a dirty, dirty place.

Whatever the reason, I seem to get the cold.  Sometimes I get a cold a bit earlier and hope that Christmas will be spared, but no, yesterday I woke up with a great head cold.  Maybe it will go away by Saturday night, but then again, maybe not.

The worst part of this, I have several gifts to finish making, and that will require more time out in the garage which is only a few degrees warmer than the outside.  I know you are thinking “Get a heater you dolt.”  and I would, except I can’t seem to find it since we moved.

So what to do…..shut your piehole Justin, take some vitamin C and get your presents finished.

How do you folks deal with colds during the holiday’s??

We will discuss it in the comments and then during tomorrows post.

If you haven’t yet, please update your bookmarks as justinsbrainpan may be leaving the internet in a few short weeks!  this site will forever then be on!

See you tomorrow, I have gifts to finish.


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