Today my first guest post ever will be posted (if it isn’t already) on Carlos’ site, Conscious  I am very excited for this, it is a review of my experience with the Pre-Writing challenge.  It is now the first of April and I am officially 4 days away from completing my third month of blogging!

What a time it has been.  During these past months, I have met several people who have helped me make my blog better, and several whom I consider my friends in Blogistan.  My name is out into the aether so much more than ever before and it is the result of being all over the net and doing things that I would never have considered before.

I have joined, completed and guest posted on the Pre-Writing Challenge.  That is destined to be an annual event, an ebook and its own site.  Quite probably it will be a paid mentoring program in the future.  I hope to be a part of that.  I have developed quite a good relationship with Carlos as well as others in the challenge.

I have started another blog with Ralph called Cantankerous Old Coots, where we have a good time  ranting about how life has become too sissified.

I have been asked to help Dave Doolin over at Website In A Weekend with some tips for WordPress themes and a case study about using that theme to build another site.

I have (hopefully) helped some other bloggers with motivation and technical details.  I have received some very nice words from some big time bloggers like Robert Bravery who have helped build traffic on my blog.

There are several people that I interact with on Twitter and through email.  I may never talk to some people more than once or twice but there is that interaction and hopefully a connection that continues.  I am looking forward to meeting Josh Hanagarne from World’s Strongest Librarian after I found out that he lived near me.

I have had help from many different people.  I have had encouragement.  I have invested in courses and gleaned free information that has grown my blog.  I am very excited to be part of a community like this and I hope I can give back as much value as I have gained.  Thank you all, now go read my guest post.

When you are finished with that, go read Cantankerous Old Coots. That is all.


PS the FCC requires me to tell you that by reading this, you are being infected with a virus that will cause clowns to dance wildly around your screen at undetermined intervals.  And it will steal all of the MP3’s you have on your hard drive.  If you have a problem with this, look at a calendar and derive a connection.