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All this internet $#!^….

You know, I love the internet for the most part.  Information at your fingertips, satellite pics of your house in seconds, news almost as it happens, hour by hour weather, and idiots.

I have been here working on the net since 2008, and I have learned and changed a lot during that time.  Lately, I think I have grown complacent with internet as the rest of the world has.  My kids don’t remember a time without the internet.  They have somewhat of a hard time going without it on vacation.  I have posted before about what good it does the family to just unplug and get away from the screens.  My 4 1/2 year old is dying to go fishing and camping.  He loves the outdoors.

So this brings me to my point, some internet providers and domain registrars suck.  Big huge deep sucking holes of darkness.  The first of these I had issues with was justhost.  Don’t go there, do get a site from them even though they are cheap.  They will drain the soul out of you after they cancel your domain name.  I had one of their packages with registered with them.  All fine, until I outgrew the service tier and decided to go to a decent provider at  (you can go there).  The problem was my domain was registered with justhost, and they didn’t tell me that I couldn’t use it after I didn’t have their service anymore.  so I lost and ended up with, that I registered independently with don’t go there either.

Recently, 1 and 1 internet and I have been in some fun battles for my domains.  There was apparently an issue with billing on my account, and they decided to cancel my account, making my sites go down as they expired.  First was, followed by bkmnursing, and then catharsisofthebogue.  Skip forward to a bunch of fighting, and I got most of my domains back active.  Amelias make a wish and Catharsis of the bogue are gone.  registered with some company in china and japan, that has nothing for content.  But i am pissed.  I have ported the sites to this one, and Amelias is

But don’t for one minute think that I registered those new domains with 1 and 1.  I have registered them with  Ok, I am biased as this is partly my site, one that I partner with Bob Hayles on, and we are now resellers of Enom domain registration.  Not a bad deal either, $12.95 per year for most top level domains.

I digress.  Now, I have a list of times that I am going to be transferring all of my domains away from 1 and 1 and then warning everyone to stay away from that company.  The moral of the story is, watch your domains.  If you are not the owner of your domain because it is free from your hosting company, do whatever you can to make sure you end up owning the domain.  Then keep track of the billing and renew dates.

All in all, I guess it is ok to change domains.  I did lose all of my page rank and alexa scores, and it is going to take time to build back up.  So I am glad you are here reading.  I did it once, I will do it again.

Thanks for reading, share the links like crazy!



Relive the past or stick to the present?

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

You ever have those times when you are looking at the calendar and say (*insert explicitive here*) I haven’t written anything  yet.

You ever look back at some half done posts or some titles that sounded interesting at the time but just don’t seem like they are worth finishing?  Yea it is like that today.

I have 3 half finished posts that are actually pretty good, I just don’t know if I should finish them or plug on with new stuff.  One is over a year old now and not really relevant, but had some good research and interesting facts.  maybe I should finish it for that, for the legacy of my Aunt who the post was about and is now ailing in an assisted living center.  Another was a great report on a camping trip with my kids…..last September.  I would like to finish that but, meh.

So, back into the swing, back into writing because I AM A WRITER dammit!  But, do I finish these or just go on?  Does anyone out there have posts that they would like to finish but just sit on the back burner for so long that it is  just not reasonable to finish them?  Or is it just time to move on and keep posting things that happen from day to day?  Is there anyone really out there reading this or are all of the hits on my site just robots and Google Nazi’s?

I should come up with a giveaway for real people reading this blog, especially now that it has been so long since regular postings.  What to do.  I think for now, I will write as it hits me and who knows, maybe one of those hits will be to finish those old posts.

We will have to see.

-Justin Continue reading

Can You Catch Up or Just Get Ahead?

Folk tale depiction of Father Christmas riding...

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We all have dealt with the futility of trying to catch up.  Whether it is on TV shows, with sleep or on blog posts.  It always seems like there is something more that I can’t get done.  There are times when I say, “Ok I am just going to stop and start fresh right now.”  You all know this, I have said it enough on here.  But when is that just a cop out?  most of the time I guess.  I don’t think catch up will ever happen.

Right now, I have 13 more posts in queue that are all just snippets of ideas.  They all ave less than 25 words in them and are just ready to be fleshed out into wonderful and exciting posts.  some of them have been around a long time.  This one has a date of May 17, 2011, that would have been the date I wrote the title.

As you can tell, I am a little behind.  Or am I?  So again, I have to say, “This week is new.  My blog lives again.”   I am turning off the life support and beating it into submission.  The new host is almost ready to rock and I am going to head into year three screaming and on fire.  I know I can’t catch up.  I just have to move ahead.

I would ask how you feel but it seems my comment section is broken, or  you don’t like disqus.  If that is the case, shoot me an email with that nifty contact form over there and say so.  I would like to know my stuff is being read by more than my buddies Ralph and Bob and the Google crawlers.

Today we are heading to “Santa’s Workshop” via the Polar Express with the Make-A-Wish foundation.  I will be writing about that on Amelia’s site tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday


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