I made one of the worst decisions in a long time on Sunday night.  You see, for the past 10 years or so my wife and I have been faithfully watching Survivor.  Still one of my favorites.  We ahve been talking about Sunday’s finale for 2 days now.

Anyway, for the past 20 seasons we have had our own private “Finale Party” which has always included pizza and some sort of treat.  We then record the show and watch it after the kids go to bed so we can pay attention to it.  And skip the commercials.

Sunday night was the finale, so we got some frozen pizzas and watched the show.  The show was great, the pizza mediocre, can’t wait for next season.  We usually bet a DVD on the winner at the first of the season.  It’s been a while since either my wife or I has collected.

Fast forward a couple of hours.  My pregnant wife who is perpetually on the verge of projectile vomiting, is having such heartburn that she can’t sleep.  I slept but when I got up in the morning….

Let’s just say avoid Red Baron Pizza.  Tastes pretty good but unless you have a colonoscopy scheduled, you are better off without it.

What have you eaten lately that you fervently wish you hadn’t???  Comments are open and waiting for your wisdom!