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posting woes

It has been quite a while since I have posted on here.  I don’t know why exactly, just life got in the way, or I just didn’t have the desire.  I finally came up with a solution to some registrar problems and that is why my URL has slightly changed.  I worked quite a while last night on getting links changed and things working correctly on my blog here, and it is mostly fixed.  The podcasts are still a mess, another issue with Amazon S3 that we wont get into.  Here is the thing that I found the most strange after all of this, I got everything set up because I wanted to post something again.  Then, I got into a blank post editor and I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I have looked at this screen off and on for about 9 hours now, and I am finally writing something.  I am kind of confused because I did want to post.  Bring a little of that old cathartic magic back, but when it was time to step up and do it, I drew a blank.  I didn’t want to write.  I guess I was just content to let the site lie.  I don’t know how many people are actually reading this blog anymore, I don’t really care.  There are so many blogs out there, who can keep track of them all?  When I started in this adventure, there were many but not overly flooded like there is now.  I started podcasting because it was cool, and I really wanted to have my own private radio station.  Now the market is so flooded that I don’t know that I should bother.  I think I will stick to writing and maybe have a Talk Like a Pirate Day podcast and that is all.  I just don’t know what to do for sure.  Write, put it out there and hope that there is someone who googles for just the right thing to bring them to some profound post that I have written.  Even the Stay at Home Dad market seems to be flooded and we are not such a novelty anymore.  Bah.  I am just going to rant for a while and post.  I need the discipline of writing often and well so that I can finish my book by the end of the year.  That is the goal, the resolution, the ultimatum from the wife.  We will see what happens.  Comment down below if you feel so inclined, if not, no worries.  Just know you were here for the first post of the reboot…



Podcast 10: Being Mediocre

Hey folks welcome to this weeks podcast!  I can hardly believe this is number 10.  This podcast references another post from earlier this week so go read it if you haven’t yet.

Thanks for coming back and listening I promise that there will be much better audio in the near future!


Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day! A Podcast Fer Ye!

If ye be bold enough, click the picture above and this page will become: Pirate!**update, the translator page is no longer active…sorry about that**


Well me Hearties it finally be time for Talk Like A Pirate Day! We be Ready for some fun, so hit play fer the podcast and beware….

The Video:

(sorry about the lag with the video, I have working on it all morning to no avail.

click open in new window and it will play correctly.  Thanks)

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It be Talk Like A Pirate Day 2013!

2013tlapd banner

Unfortunately, the pirate page translator is no longer active, please translate words yourself with the translator below!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome again ye scallywags and wenches!  This here be International Talk Like a Pirate Day for 2013!  Enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to check out the 2011 show and the 2012 show with Captain Barbossa and Captain Sparrow!

The Audio:

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Barbossa (with Jack Sparrow) as he appears in ...

Barbossa (with Jack Sparrow)

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