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Oh the woes of winter.

Hello all.  Well here we are mid February.  Winter is waning here in Utah, with temperatures are climbing into the 50’s and all of the snow almost gone.  Here is where I have issues with winter.

Dogs in Grange Park, Toronto, Canada.

Dogs in Grange Park, Toronto, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I don’t mind the cold, or the snow, what I mind is the pending spring, and all of the mud and gunk that goes with it.  Continue reading

A Cold for Christmas

Common cold

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You know it doesn’t seem to matter the year, I always end up getting a cold around Christmas time.  I don’t know if it is because of the cold air and being outside, or if it because my kids are bringing germs home from school or because my wife is bringing home stuff from work.  The ER is a dirty, dirty place.

Whatever the reason, I seem to get the cold.  Sometimes I get a cold a bit earlier and hope that Christmas will be spared, but no, yesterday I woke up with a great head cold.  Maybe it will go away by Saturday night, but then again, maybe not.

The worst part of this, I have several gifts to finish making, and that will require more time out in the garage which is only a few degrees warmer than the outside.  I know you are thinking “Get a heater you dolt.”  and I would, except I can’t seem to find it since we moved.

So what to do…..shut your piehole Justin, take some vitamin C and get your presents finished.

How do you folks deal with colds during the holiday’s??

We will discuss it in the comments and then during tomorrows post.

If you haven’t yet, please update your bookmarks as justinsbrainpan may be leaving the internet in a few short weeks!  this site will forever then be on!

See you tomorrow, I have gifts to finish.


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I’m not taking your @#^$ing survey!

I know it is not just me but have you noticed an abundance of surveys EVERYWHERE lately?  I for one am getting tired of it.  This constant need for companies to find out what you think has entered the annoying.  This sounds almost like a rant that would be good over at, but today, it is here!

This survey thing is not new.  I have been bugged for the past few years with them.  The first ones were the phone surveys.  They call you up and ask you to rate your last visit to X.  Sometimes I answer these when it has to do with the hospital and my daughter.  It was however one of these surveys that prompted this post.  They called for my wife and I really don’t know what they wanted but I told him she would never be available.  In hindsight, that was probably mean but he was a douche on the phone.

Now they have surveys to win gift cards on damn near ever receipt that you can get.  Most of them are longer than the receipt itself.  I bought a bike tire and a donut at Walmart yesterday and the receipt was 14 inches long.  Ridiculous.  A waste of my time and the paper it is printed on.  Like I really have time to call you up and answer inane questions for the 1 in a million chance that I can get a $50 gift card.

I did call one on a receipt from PetsMart the other day for a coupon so that I could get a free fish, and then I proceeded to lose the receipt.  I knew I shouldn’t have bothered.

The other thing that is really pissing me off lately is the pop up or lightbox surveys that come up at what seems like every damn website that is not a blog!  I am so annoyed with certain companies that do this that I don’t even go to their website anymore.  It just seems like every time you turn on a site, there is a box of varying size begging you to complete your survey.

Even at Disneyland they want you to complete a survey.  My wife signed up and I thought “Ok not too bad”.  That was in the first part of October last year.  Last week the survey came into my email box.  I had forgotten about it so I clicked into the survey.  It didn’t take very long but it was a huge whine about why we hadn’t been back to Disneyland since we left in October!  I don’t know about you, but my kids would live to go to Disneyland every month.  There is just no way to afford that!

Which brings me to the online, “Get paid to take survey’s” scams.  I have signed up for several “reputable” companies that you have seen and or heard about on TV.  Not just infomercials, shows like the NBC Nightly News and the like.  Here is the thing and the reason I have dumped most of them from my inbox lately.  I can’t seem to find ANY of their surveys I “Qualify” for.

I have taken the time to fill out all of their information, all of the demographic stuff which brings the “you have a new survey” emails.  When I click into the survey it gets about 6 questions into the thing and gives me the “Were sorry but you aren’t good enough for your opinion to count” message.  I have begun to think that they only want the information from the first of the survey and that is how they get out of paying.  Cheap corporate bastards.

So, if you are out there and you like taking surveys, go for it.  If you are working with online paid surveys, go for it, you can have my share.  If you are a company and need to have a survey to figure out how people like your stuff, maybe you are not paying as much attention to your customers as you should be.

I have run a couple of surveys in the past on here and have had very minimal response.  The only reason I can figure out why there are so many surveys out there is so that the .75% that actually get answered have at least some value to advertisers.

I for one am tired of the surveys.

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Thanks for reading!


Red Baron Pizza Woes

I made one of the worst decisions in a long time on Sunday night.  You see, for the past 10 years or so my wife and I have been faithfully watching Survivor.  Still one of my favorites.  We ahve been talking about Sunday’s finale for 2 days now.

Anyway, for the past 20 seasons we have had our own private “Finale Party” which has always included pizza and some sort of treat.  We then record the show and watch it after the kids go to bed so we can pay attention to it.  And skip the commercials.

Sunday night was the finale, so we got some frozen pizzas and watched the show.  The show was great, the pizza mediocre, can’t wait for next season.  We usually bet a DVD on the winner at the first of the season.  It’s been a while since either my wife or I has collected.

Fast forward a couple of hours.  My pregnant wife who is perpetually on the verge of projectile vomiting, is having such heartburn that she can’t sleep.  I slept but when I got up in the morning….

Let’s just say avoid Red Baron Pizza.  Tastes pretty good but unless you have a colonoscopy scheduled, you are better off without it.

What have you eaten lately that you fervently wish you hadn’t???  Comments are open and waiting for your wisdom!