This blog is about me and writing.

The main reason I started blogging  was to get me writing and working on my book.

Now, I think it is going to be a blog about writing, being a stay at home dad, migraines and whatever happens to strike my fancy that day.  I still reserve the right to post fun writing!

I am 42 and a proud stay at home dad.  I have 4 kids, 16, 13 and 10 and 6!.  The 10 year old had a kidney transplant in may of ’09 so we have been busy with her.  I previously spent 2 years doing dialysis with her 4 times per week.

I should have done this blog sooner, but here I am now.  I love to camp and fish as well as hunt.  I am getting into kettlebells big time and just want to be the guy who opens spinach cans like Popeye.

We live in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah!