Hello all you wonderful people!  Well it is because of you that this post is here today.  This marks my 3 month blogging milestone!  That is 3 months since I bought my domain name and started working.  I am still here, I am not quitting, and I am getting more traffic than ever.  Not as much as I would like but hat is coming.

I am not going to list my stats here again, I think I just did that a week or so ago.  Today I wanted to hit something else, related but not the same.  I am heading toward 6 months with several people that are going to keep me on the path.  I will be a professional blogger.  Just hide and watch.

Here is my point, there is a time in whatever path you have chosen where it gets hard.  I don’t believe it is ever too hard to bear, I am not going to go off on religion but it works for me when the times get hard.  What is even harder but much more important is to be able to pull yourself together and keep going.

When the world seems like it is falling in and you are going to be stuck at the bottom of the sewage pile, there is something inside of each and every one of us that can climb out of the  pit and stand to the side.  You may get sprayed and dumped on but you do not have to be at the bottom.  There is always hope.

I can see why 3 months is an important milestone for a blogger.  There is the doubt that any of this is worth it.  There is the “nothing is happening so why bother anymore” effect that comes about when you do not have a focus.  There is the unwillingness to adapt, the unwillingness to “pay your dues” that puts many people off.

This world is overwhelming, with all of the information out there it is hard to see where to go.  There is plenty of discouragement waiting, on how many blogs are out there, how you need to be top in Alexa, how your lovingly crafted e-book is probably going to end up with the millions of others in mediocrity.  It can be hard to navigate the forest for the sheer fact that the forest is there.

But I have a chainsaw and the overwhelming desire to cut my own path.  I have adopted a new philosophy that doesn’t listen to people and their discouragement.  I will continue to put out my own stuff and if it fails then it fails; I have other things to take its place.

Building and interacting with the world via my humble cable modem is so much fun I am sure it will be illegal in the near future.  I am going to keep it up.  I am going to be successful.  I am going to quash all of the naysayers.  I will make money with my blog.  I really don’t want to deliver pizzas.

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