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Tech is good but so is Grease…

If you have been reading this blog for long you may have picked up that there is quite the dichotomy to my life.  I like so many different things, from medieval weapons, to the fur trade of the 1800’s and the mountain men, to sourdough cooking, to car repair, to fishing, to computers and web stuff.

For all of the things that the internet is, it is wonderful.  I love technology, and the web, and my blog, and my laptop, and….well you get the idea.  But the other day I was reminded how much I like grease.

I had to rebuild my tiller motor so that A. It will run, and B. So I could start it.  There is something immensely satisfying in taking something that will not run very well and making it work.  There is some of that satisfaction when you are playing with code, but code doesn’t smell like exhaust when it works right.

Maybe it was just spring fever.  I love to be outside.  Maybe it is because I need to get my garden in.  Maybe the fishing bug has bit rather hard again and I need to get the garden in so I can go fishing.  I am not too sure, but I do know that there is not much better than some manual labor in the spring.  Outside, tearing down equipment with hand tools.  I can feel the chest hair growing even now.

How about you all?  What gets you out from in front of the computer and into the real world?

I’d love to hear it, comments are open below



  1. I like to take apart computers and make them work better, but I wouldn't even know where to start with a motor!

    • Computers are fun too but more than minor swaps and memory I get paranoid. I zapped a whole motherboard once vacuuming the dust off of it. too much static apparently. Do you know how to get the pictures off of my old hard drive? I can't get anything to read it, it just locks up the system when set to slave, and either in the computer or in the external enclosure that I have. Windows XP lost a file on it and now it wont do anything at all. I was thinking maybe a linux machine could take off Windows and let me get my pictures at least. any ideas?
      PS motors are not that complex for small engines. New cars are very odd, old cars are cake.

  2. Personally I enjoy taking drives just to listen to my car stereo and get out and enjoy the weather and the outdoors. We don't do that too often unless we're actually going somewhere but it's nice either way.

    I wouldn't know the first thing about taking computers apart but have always wanted to learn.

  3. I agree! The satisfaction you get in taking something that is not running as smooth as it can, finding the missing link, reconnecting it another way and getting it to run better than before is satisfying. The joy comes when you can now have your friends in the car that works with you on a trip you could never have gone before with a broken car.
    Oh, how sweet it is …

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