Hey folks how are ya.  I seem to be doing a few of these video to morals posts lately but I am busy working on projects that are keeping me busy.  Like tomorrow, Saturday June 19th there will be fiction Saturday on here and I am launching my wifes revamped site for our family business.

Brendasquiltshop.com will go live with a fantastic wordpress based site complete with shopping cart.  If you are interested in handmade quilts, table runners or casserole dish holders we have them available.  We also do custom orders.  Needless to say, I have been busy rebuilding and tweaking that site.  It has not been very good for writing this week.

So I am bringing the magic of You Tube back to my site and posting one of my favorite memories.  Years ago when Saturday Night Live was in its second iteration of funny, in the early ’90’s , Phil Hartmann and Dana Carvey were two of the funniest people on TV.  They both are still hilaroius even if Phil Hartmann was shot by his wife several years ago.

I used to stay up late and watch SNL with a mono headphone until I got a VCR for Christmas and it was just easier to record it.  Anyway, this video is of Dana Carvey’s first audition for SNL that they later made into a great skit with Phil Hartmann and Sigourney Weaver.  It is from his stand up comedy act and it is about making music.  Oh and broccoli.

I can remember seeing this and laughing for days, not to mention singing the dang song for months in school.   Have a great weekend, Fiction and Quilts tomorrow!