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Ruminations on Holiday Magic

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Hello folks.  Today, as most of you know, is the day before Thanksgiving in the US.  I do like this holiday for itself, a day when we can make a giant fancy dinner and overeat before dozing off watching football.  I have always liked the day for giving us an excuse to be together as a family and just give thanks to the Almighty for allowing us to be here for another year.

Granted, our location has changed over this last year but the family is still together and that is what makes the home.  I know I won’t be seeing my sister and her boys or my other sister, much less my Mom and Dad.  I am ok with that.  Why?  I am in charge of my family now.  I am in charge of my kids and making this another special day for them.

That is what happens when you get older.  That is what happens when you are the parents.  You are now in charge of making any holiday magical.  I know I have written before about these things but I feel it is worth repeating.  I am in charge of making Holiday’s magical for my kids, and Thanksgiving starts that holiday season.

Not Black Friday.  Black Friday has become a blight on the image of Thanksgiving.  I know I have enjoyed reading the paper on Thanksgiving night to decide what to get the kids but the commercial push for Black Friday this year has almost eclipsed the Thanksgiving it is supposed to follow.

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I don’t want to get on the Black Friday kick, of you want more of that head over to Cantankerous Old Coots  and read Ralphs post today and mine tomorrow.

As I write this, I am bathed in the glow of some Christmas lights.  We spent Tuesday getting a good portion of our Christmas decorations put up.  Much to my chagrin that we can’t wait until Saturday, but the kids are really excited to get that little jump on Christmas.

They are excited for the whole Santa and family thing.  We are going to be making gifts for each other again this year and the kids are looking forward to deciding what they can make for their siblings.  I am still trying to decide what to do for them individually, but I am writing them a story for all of them to be revealed on Christmas Eve.  Any illustrators out there who could use a couple of bucks???

Back to Thanksgiving.  I usually do the turkey and dressing.  I have done all of it in the past few years when my wife has had to work the night before or on the day.  Nurses have to work holidays, you know.  I get a kick out of making the big dinner and serving it.  I like help with it too.  My wife willbe home this year and doing better than half of it.

I look forward to playing with the kids, hopefully it will be warm enough to go throw a football around the back yard.  I also am looking forward to watching the Macy’s parade with them and I hope that we can keep the focus on Thanksgiving and the family and looking forward to Christmas and not just the shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, do something nice with your family today no matter where you live.


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  1. Justn,
    Make those memories for your kids and give them a model for when they have their own families.  It will mean so much more than any bargain at the stores.

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