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Everybody’s Favorite Game….Bingo!

It was interesting this week.  We went to visit my Great Aunt in the retirement home.

After a bit, the kids were restless so we went walking around this new place and they were just starting the daily bingo tournament.  Of course my kids sat right down (after they were invited) and started not only playing but helping the elderly ladies mark their cards.

It was fun for them and fun for the other residents.  I got talking with my other Aunt (who was there visiting as well) about Bingo and how much everyone seems to like this, well, mindless game.


Bingo Card Sample

It is just too much fun to put a marker on a board and yell out “OGNIB!” when you win.  Wait, that is just me.  Most people yell “BINGO!”

I don’t know what it is about this game that brings people together so easily.  Maybe it is the simplicity, maybe it is the prizes, but I do know that EVERYONE seems to like it.

We play when we go to Kidney Kamp for my daughter. (I won some good stuff last year).  We play at family parties.

Our family went and bought the deluxe set a few years ago to play on Christmas and or New Years eve.  That is fun, we go to the dollar store and pick up whatever wacky things we can get for the kids and then play a combination of Bingo and white elephant for them.  I got some floor cleaner a couple of years ago and we still have the Scooby Doo soap dispenser in the bathroom.  But I digress.


Years ago, we would go to the Christmas Bingo party that my wife’s grandmother hosted.  There we would endure her Uncles bad jokes and win ceramics painted by Grandma.  Amazingly, most of those jokes have remained with us as we play now along with the “B14” accent that appears in Exit to Eden.  But that is another post.

And now we come into the 21st century and have more Bingo than we can stand.  Retirement centers, bingo halls, and even online.  I Googled Bingo and got over 153 million results.  Go Figure.  From to Cheekybingo to you can play online and win real money.  I am sure that is illegal here in Utah.  But still fun to play.

I think I am going to have to get a Bingo App now and play in my free time.  Maybe I had better not.  If I start playing online or on my Android I will get even less done than I do now.  I will just have to be content to play at family parties and Kidney Kamp for now, and later when I have to have someone else’s kids help me in the retirement home.

English: Software used for calling the bingo b...

What do you all think?  I love the Bingo, how about you?  should we get some sort of Online Catharsis of the Bogue Bingo tournament going?  Hmmmm….

Share your Bingo memories or stories in the comments below!

Until next time,


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  1. I did play Bingo as a kid. I can’t remember now where and why. Maybe it was a PTA fundraiser. I bet it’s been more than 50 years since I played. I don’t wake up in the morning with an urge to play, in fact I don’t think I have thought about Bingo in years. Why’d you have to bring it up now?

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