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Poetry Tuesday 4: Anticipation

Hello again!  Here is installment 4 of my new Poetry Tuesday feature.  There will be a special post tomorrow as well, look forward to it!

I wrote this poem somewhere near 15 years ago when I as dating my wife.  This one is a little scary to put out because it is more personal than ones in the past.

I would love some feedback from anyone, my comment section is not being used at all.  Is there a problem with leaving a comment? I haven’t noticed anything wrong but….Please let me know if there is an issue.  I don’t moderate comments (on purpose) but I will delete spam in a heartbeat!

Thanks for everyone who continues to come by and visit my site, I really appreciate the readership and knowing that my words are not just stuck in my head or my computer anymore.  Enjoy the poem


By: Justin Matthews

Midnight approaches and awake I lie,

Without my love, my hear wants to die.

She is so far away, I wish she were here,

But soon comes the time when she will be near.

I feel pain at our parting, yet my love flows so strong,

Much like the lyrics in an old Chicago song.

Without her love my life has no rhyme,

I can’t wait for the future when she will be mine.

I yearn for her voice, I long for her tender touch,

Oh how I miss her so very much!

She is my love, my heart, my life,

I know she will be mine through all trouble and strife.

Yet here I lie, longing for her,

She invokes feelings no other can stir.

I wait and I miss that sweet love of mine,

I will love her intently ’till the end of time!

Yet for now, I lie awake and dream…..

I think next week I will feature something from my Grandpa…he was a major cause of me starting to write poetry.

Thanks for reading!

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Poetry Tuesday: Truimph

Hello folks!  I hope you have had a great week!  I don’ t know the back story on this poem.  I can’t remember the circumstances of writing it.

Sometimes it is just a phrase that gets stuck in my head.  many of my poems are like that and a couple of those phrases show up in several different poems.  There are also quite a fair amount with medieval themes.  Hmmmm.



By: Justin Matthews

Ebony Velvet, Nights inky cloak.

I pause for a moment, if  only to gloat.

I’ve vanquished the foe, triumphed I have.

I stand in Victory, though in no small part sad.

The Battle is over, yet all is for naught,

I’ve lost my true love, for whom this battle was fought.

She fell in the battle her honor I now avenge,

I must now wait for eternity, to be with Her again….

Comments section is awaiting your interpretations!


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