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Geocache Pfalz Werla in Deutschland.

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Hello folks.  So it is tax time again and many of you will be cursing the IRS very soon, if you have not done so already.  For myself, we did fairly well with a decent sized refund.  A good chunk of that we spent redoing our kitchen, but some we spent on one of those fancy GPS units.  I wanted one that would be good for hunting and the outdoors, and then we got into a new hobby.  Geocaching.  It is a kick in the pants frankly.  You use your fancy GPS and the Geocaching.com website to go and find small plastic things to write your name on.

It is a great treasure hunt and sometimes there are prizes to trade for in the cache.  It is a great family friendly way for us to get out into the outdoors and running around.  My kids love it and so do I.

We have been going out and doing this since 20 Feb 2011, so I guess that will be the “date that will live in infamy” for us.  Up to now, we have searched for 81 caches and have only been stumped a handful of times.  We have even started placing caches for others to find and now have 5 out there.  We get emails when someone finds one.  It is great fun.

So, if you have a GPS, a GPS enabled phone or even some of the ones from your car, you can join the hunt.  There are thousands of caches all over the world just waiting to be found.  Get your GPS and head over to Geocaching.com to get started on your treasure hunts.  You can see our families adventure chronicled at 6matthews.com, complete with pictures!

Have a Great Wednesday!

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  1. Justin,
    So how does this work? Do you hide things and then watch other people find them (like Easter Eggs) or does somebody else hide them and then you look for them? And if somebody else hides something, how do you know they hid it and why do you look. This is too deep for me.

    • other people hide the things and then log them on the internet at geocaching.com. you then go on the site and get the coordinates of the cache loaded into the GPS, from there you go find the cache, sign the paper inside and then log that you found it on the internet. No prizes but it is fun to hunt for the things and he who has the most or in the most states wins! Wins what? the grudging respect of the other geocachers.

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