Eight Flying Doves

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Hey Folks it’s me again, are you still out there?  I hope so.  Anyhow, Today I continue Poetry Tuesday with another one that I wrote for my wife when we were dating.  I can’t wait until someone says “Why don’t you write something new for (insert name or explicitive here)’s sake?”

I like to share some older stuff.  So there.  Maybe next week.

Anyway, Today I have titled this poem Forever.  Enjoy and let me know if you like some of these!




By: Justin Matthews

Two short years or Twenty-One long,

Maybe they’re right and this life is just a song.

We travel so smoothly through verse after verse,

Hoping and praying that it will never get worse.

We harmonize so well in our own little tunes,

That we will be strong when the rest of this world is in ruins.

Forever Bright, a beacon we shine,

Soon I will be yours and you will be mine.

The love that we feel grows stronger each year,

I can barely live without you, standing so near.

“Be mine forever!”  These words I have said,

In the day, in the night, alone in this bed.

My love for you is strong, the years have not faded,

“On to Forever, my Darling!” I have boldly stated.

Yet for now, we wait, we wait and grow, until the time is right….

Wow, cheese factor 7.  Girls dig that stuff though.  have a great Tuesday!



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