Mar 082013
Hey Jealousy

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Hey there people, welcome to Tuesday.  Today I am putting a poem that I had submitted to quite a while ago.  This poem was inspired by a Gin Blossoms song that I couldn’t get out of my mind at the time.  If you put it to the music you can sing it to their song.  I just don’t remember the name of the song.  Anyway, here follows that poem.

Life Can Flash

By: Justin Matthews

Life can flash before your eyes,

Catch it quick before it’s gone.

We’ll keep on giving one more try,

As the world spins on and on.

Life flies free and life is love,

Just give it all you have to give.

It doesn’t matter who you shove,

We’ll make this world so jealous.

We’ll fly and rule and fly and live,

On the glory in your eyes.

Fear the words of heretics,

and those without a soul.

Don’t go play their politics,

You won’t have far to go.

Cling on tight to me my love,

I’ll hold you ’til the mornin’ light.

I will give my very blood,

Too keep you safe and hold you tight.

Have a great day, see you tomorrow.


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