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Hey there folks, did you know that today is either martin Luther King Jr. Day or Civil rights Day?  That means Federal holiday.  No mail, no banks, no SCHOOL!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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sometimes these things sneak up on me.  Of course this post should have been posted yesterday but no school means all the kids are home and it is a major feat to get any work done.  Sometimes I look at the calendar and think, good grief these kids have too many days off.  I was ready to send them to school on Jan 2 this year, just to get them out.  There was no school that day either.  My wife commented how none of her coworkers kids had to go on the 2nd so we finally checked the calendar at the district website.  It was 130 am.  There was no school.

I would have had the kids up and to school before we realized that there was no one else there.  I did get to have fun when they slept in and then went scrambling around worried about how late they were going to be.

So yesterday there was no school and we all celebrated human rights day by sitting on the couch and watching documentaries about Bigfoot.  Don’t judge.  Later came the Disney Channel marathon.

How exactly are you supposed to celebrate Martin Luther King day?  I don’t have the experience of race issues to know how much better it is now.  I grew up in a neighborhood where most everyone was white.  There were a few black kids at school and they were just fine.  I never had a problem with what anyone looked like.  I know from history that this was not always the case, but I have no firsthand knowledge of it.

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I go back and watch movies to parallel history, one I like for this day is Remember the Titans.  It shows how people can be so divided and then can come together.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  It is my hope that everyone in this country can be colorblind.  I know that sounds cliche but there are some great people everywhere you look who have darker skin than me.

There were some kids that lived down the street from us at our old house that came and asked if it was OK to play with our kids because they were Mexican.  (like really, Grandpa was from Mexico)  Somewhere this 10 year old girl was not allowed to play with kids because of her race. That is not right.  My kids don’t care who they play with as long as they are nice kids.  My uncle is descended from Mexicans and I have never even blinked at that, except I want him to teach me to make some of his Grandmas food.  His chile verde is awesome.

So in conclusion, be nice to each other.  Is that so hard?  Be nice.  Be friendly.  It may be that kid from Jr. High who you didn’t make fun of that approves your next home loan.

Go in peace and be a HUMAN BEING…..


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  1. Justin, 
    Of course I grew up before MLK Day and it was different.  We never cared about the race of our kids friends and I don’t think they did either.  I know that these days, you don’t think twice about a black doctor or lawyer but way back, not like when I was a kid.  Race used to seem important because they didn’t mix much.  These days, it is almost irrelevant (I think about it from time to time just because of how much things have changed.) I hope my kids don’t think about it at all

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