Jul 092014

I keep signing up for sites to do some advertising.  Kontiki, Chitika and Google AdSense to name a few.  Each one of these asks what category your blog is in.  The problem is, I don’t fit into any of their categories!  I usually end up putting general and going from there.

This keeps bringing me to a debate.  What is my blogs niche?  Does it even have or need one?   I have read several things by now about the importance of having a niche that is defined.  Well I do to some extent.  I want to write about kettlebells, being a stay at home dad, fishing, car repair, migraines and what I learned from 2 years of my daughters dialysis and subsequent transplant.  This narrows down the field.  I don’t want to do fashion or celebrities, or WordPress finesse.  There are many blogs out there better than mike for that.

I think my category and niche will be me.  My thoughts and collated knowledge on a few subjects that others will find some value from my take.  Right or wrong (according to you) I will express my opinion and let the world take it for what it will.

I still won’t be pigeon-holed into a pre-defined box just to make them happy.  Maybe I will specialize a bit more in the future but for now, my niche is me.  I will sell my own stuff.

Any thoughts on this?  I would love comments or your ideas as well.

I don’t fit into any category and I am OK with that!


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  1. I can relate. I haven’t figured out my niche (or my passion for that matter). I am not sure that there is any market for cantakerous old coots but if there were, I’d claim it. As for you, your niche to me .is life as you see it. How you roll with the punches and find pleasure and savor it. I think that the writing grows out of that and who you are. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t looked at the writing part of you blog but that is clearly part of what you are and until I do, the rest won’t make sense (or as much sense). And what the heck is a kettle bell – anything like a cow bell?

  2. Justin, I’ve written for the web for years. It’s only lately I’ve been able to find my voice.

    I could have done it much faster.
    .-= Dave Doolin´s last blog ..Why the Apple iPad Will Make Me More Productive =-.

  3. Hi Justin,

    I think I’m in the same boat, don’t really know what my niche is yet or what I’m aiming at. Just tips on blogging and some writing challenges.

    Whenever those boxes appear, like they do with Digg, I just put it in people category because it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

    Maybe ‘those’ people need to take a look at how to index blogs with various categories and give better options.

    • it would be good to have more focused categories. It isn’t like we are trying to be too far out there and strange, just different enough that people want to come back. People category is a good choice, hadn’t thought of that.
      Thanks for being here!

  4. check out my site might help you decide what it is you love to write about ….being you is all that matters. ur awesome

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