May 272014

Hello everyone.  Today I have another question.  This one is for you to answer to yourself.

What makes YOU wonderful?  What is it about you that you like? What will you tell yourself in the mirror today?

If you are like me you try to pretend some humility and it is hard to talk about yourself.  It is hard to look in the mirror and TELL yourself something positive, what is good about you.  By tell I mean to actually stand there and say out loud what you think is good about you to yourself.

Once you can tell yourself something good about you without laughing, you are talking to your subconscious.  When you belive it your mind will turn its efforts to making it happen.

Saturday Night Live used to have a segment called daily affirmations and at the end of every one he would say, ” ’cause I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me.”  Many philosophies use some sort of affirmation, or mantra, or prayer to focus the mind.  Repetition will “make” things happen for you, if you engage your mind to a specific end.

So for today, What makes YOU, yes you sitting there staring at the screen with a semi blank expression thinking I have lost it, What makes YOU wonderful?  Think of something.  Think of something positive that makes you fantastic.  Go tell yourself in the mirror 5 times.  No one else has to know unless you want to share it with the world in a comment.

Go! Get to it and we will all be better people!


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  1. My dog likes me.

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