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And again we Start…

Hello all.  Well here we are again.  A new start.  It seems like that I am always trying to get to that new start again and again.  I haven’t posted anything new for quite a while on here, why?  I dunno.  Laziness, apathy, too much of life getting in the way.  I have a bag of excuses that I could use, let me rummage around in here and get tot he best one.  I think laziness is probably the best one.

Tapping a Pencil

Tapping a Pencil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started this blog quite a while ago, just to get writing and put some things out there.  I had some moderate success, people were coming by and reading, and then I just kind of faded into the wastelands of the blogosphere.  That is what much of my life has seemed like lately, just fading into the wasteland.  I haven’t cared.  About much of anything.

Finally, now, there has to be a point of that old adage to either $#!^ or get off the pot.  Well, I think (read hope) that it is time to start grunting with wild abandon.  I figure a few posts and some interaction and maybe I can rely on some good folks to help me figure out what this book I am working on should do, and where it should go.

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Do You Have What it Takes???

Where would we be without electric light?  Where would we be without cars?  Where would we be without pasteurized process american cheese food?????  All of these things were invented by people with Drive, Perseverance and Tenacity.   I love me some Kraft Singles that’s for sure.

I was just reading a great article on Drive over at Lee’s Shizzle.  In this article he talks about the drive that he used to complete a daunting task when he was a kid.  I started to comment but the gremlins in my computer deleted half of my comment.  It worked out well because it prompted this post!

In most of our “Heroes” and “Role models” that we have today (I’m not including sports figures for this argument, they are a mixed bunch) we can see Drive.  My personal definition of drive is that dogged determination or hard headedness that makes people great.  Think about your heroes and see if they had Drive.  I’ll bet that they did.

Referencing the first paragraph, Thomas Edison tried 10000 different ideas for the light bulb before one worked.  Now lights are a bit different but that was a huge jumping off point.  Edison never finished school.  Edison did whatever he had to to invent things that revoultionized the world.  He had Drive.

Henry Ford  didn’t invent cars, yet if you ask who invented the car, I would bet more than 90% of people would say Ford.  He didn’t invent the car, just a way to manufacture cars better.  He poured all of his time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into making the Ford Motor Company a success.  Like Fords or not, companies all over the world use the basic assembly line techniuqes that he first put to use.  He had Drive as well.

If you haven’t heard of Kraft Singles you have been living under a rock in a deep dark hole.  Ok Maybe not the deep dark hole but still.  I am not going to get into the history of processed cheese but it is delicious.  Wikipedia has a great article about it here.  This cheese was patented by James L Kraft in 1916.  In the United States at least, the most common type of cheese on a cheeseburger is the American style processed cheese food.  James Kraft built one of the biggest food companies in the world, and one of the biggest selling products that they have is Kraft Singles.  He had Drive.

Now, after a brief history lesson, some introspection.  If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have a blog or would like one.  I have read that most blogs don’t survive past 3 months.  People who run these just do not have the Drive necessary to succeed and be a survivor. (BTW I like Survivor too…Go Boston Rob).  It is easy to give up and not push past the hard part.  When it gets hard to keep up with your blog that is when you have to kick in the Drive and get your lazy butt back in the saddle.

There are those whose blogs are failing and they say “But I have Drive!  Why isn’t my blog working?”  Well, I think I have answers.  How much time are you putting into your blog?  It is a business for all intents and purposes.  I put at least 3 hours per day into it and most days more like 6.  When I am doing design and WordPress stuff it was 8-10 hours per day.  James over at the infopreneur says he has spent over 600 hours in the 4 months that his blog has been active.  It takes time.

Lee has another post about his site being 6 months old and how it is finally taking off.  You have to get past that 3 month barrier to make it work. This blog has been online since December 14, 2009.  I started to learn about how to actually blog and made the jump to my own .com name January 4 2010.  I consider that the true start of my blog now.  I have completed 2 months of posts and redesigns.  I have to find it in myself to keep Driving and blow through this month and into the next.  I can do it, this is just way too much fun.

More questions to ask if your blog isn’t working.  Are you actively posting?  Are you keeping new content out there?  Are you visiting other sites and commenting?  Are you promoting your blog?  Right now in Twitter I have 193 followers.  I also am in 5 lists that extend whatever I tweet out by about 100.  that means right now if tweet about this post it could be seen by nearly 300 people.  How many of them can I get to click over?  Ideally 300.  Realistically, I don’t know.  I just am going to keep posting and hope for the 300.

Finally, a simple maxim you have probably read a million times.  Put in the work and reap the benefits.  It would be nice to make millions with a 4 hour workweek but it isn’t going to happen.  It takes work.  It takes Drive.  It takes Perseverance and Tenacity.  Stick with it and you can be one of the successful blogs that keep working past the 3 month mark.

I will be there cruising past 3 months and giving that wall the bird right around Easter.

If you are reading this you are awesome!  And you, know if you feel like saying something, please do so in the comments!



On Guest Posts and the Community of Blogistan.

Today my first guest post ever will be posted (if it isn’t already) on Carlos’ site, Conscious  I am very excited for this, it is a review of my experience with the Pre-Writing challenge.  It is now the first of April and I am officially 4 days away from completing my third month of blogging!

What a time it has been.  During these past months, I have met several people who have helped me make my blog better, and several whom I consider my friends in Blogistan.  My name is out into the aether so much more than ever before and it is the result of being all over the net and doing things that I would never have considered before.

I have joined, completed and guest posted on the Pre-Writing Challenge.  That is destined to be an annual event, an ebook and its own site.  Quite probably it will be a paid mentoring program in the future.  I hope to be a part of that.  I have developed quite a good relationship with Carlos as well as others in the challenge.

I have started another blog with Ralph called Cantankerous Old Coots, where we have a good time  ranting about how life has become too sissified.

I have been asked to help Dave Doolin over at Website In A Weekend with some tips for WordPress themes and a case study about using that theme to build another site.

I have (hopefully) helped some other bloggers with motivation and technical details.  I have received some very nice words from some big time bloggers like Robert Bravery who have helped build traffic on my blog.

There are several people that I interact with on Twitter and through email.  I may never talk to some people more than once or twice but there is that interaction and hopefully a connection that continues.  I am looking forward to meeting Josh Hanagarne from World’s Strongest Librarian after I found out that he lived near me.

I have had help from many different people.  I have had encouragement.  I have invested in courses and gleaned free information that has grown my blog.  I am very excited to be part of a community like this and I hope I can give back as much value as I have gained.  Thank you all, now go read my guest post.

When you are finished with that, go read Cantankerous Old Coots. That is all.


PS the FCC requires me to tell you that by reading this, you are being infected with a virus that will cause clowns to dance wildly around your screen at undetermined intervals.  And it will steal all of the MP3’s you have on your hard drive.  If you have a problem with this, look at a calendar and derive a connection.

I Have Hit 3 Months! Time for the Happy Dance!

Hello all you wonderful people!  Well it is because of you that this post is here today.  This marks my 3 month blogging milestone!  That is 3 months since I bought my domain name and started working.  I am still here, I am not quitting, and I am getting more traffic than ever.  Not as much as I would like but hat is coming.

I am not going to list my stats here again, I think I just did that a week or so ago.  Today I wanted to hit something else, related but not the same.  I am heading toward 6 months with several people that are going to keep me on the path.  I will be a professional blogger.  Just hide and watch.

Here is my point, there is a time in whatever path you have chosen where it gets hard.  I don’t believe it is ever too hard to bear, I am not going to go off on religion but it works for me when the times get hard.  What is even harder but much more important is to be able to pull yourself together and keep going.

When the world seems like it is falling in and you are going to be stuck at the bottom of the sewage pile, there is something inside of each and every one of us that can climb out of the  pit and stand to the side.  You may get sprayed and dumped on but you do not have to be at the bottom.  There is always hope.

I can see why 3 months is an important milestone for a blogger.  There is the doubt that any of this is worth it.  There is the “nothing is happening so why bother anymore” effect that comes about when you do not have a focus.  There is the unwillingness to adapt, the unwillingness to “pay your dues” that puts many people off.

This world is overwhelming, with all of the information out there it is hard to see where to go.  There is plenty of discouragement waiting, on how many blogs are out there, how you need to be top in Alexa, how your lovingly crafted e-book is probably going to end up with the millions of others in mediocrity.  It can be hard to navigate the forest for the sheer fact that the forest is there.

But I have a chainsaw and the overwhelming desire to cut my own path.  I have adopted a new philosophy that doesn’t listen to people and their discouragement.  I will continue to put out my own stuff and if it fails then it fails; I have other things to take its place.

Building and interacting with the world via my humble cable modem is so much fun I am sure it will be illegal in the near future.  I am going to keep it up.  I am going to be successful.  I am going to quash all of the naysayers.  I will make money with my blog.  I really don’t want to deliver pizzas.

Please feel free to comment below, sign up for my RSS feed and most importantly my mailing list! Special content and discounts abound for those select few on my list.  and I promise not to shovel crap to your inbox, you may get a couple of emails a month.  Max.


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