Hello all.  Well here we are again.  A new start.  It seems like that I am always trying to get to that new start again and again.  I haven’t posted anything new for quite a while on here, why?  I dunno.  Laziness, apathy, too much of life getting in the way.  I have a bag of excuses that I could use, let me rummage around in here and get tot he best one.  I think laziness is probably the best one.

Tapping a Pencil

Tapping a Pencil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started this blog quite a while ago, just to get writing and put some things out there.  I had some moderate success, people were coming by and reading, and then I just kind of faded into the wastelands of the blogosphere.  That is what much of my life has seemed like lately, just fading into the wasteland.  I haven’t cared.  About much of anything.

Finally, now, there has to be a point of that old adage to either $#!^ or get off the pot.  Well, I think (read hope) that it is time to start grunting with wild abandon.  I figure a few posts and some interaction and maybe I can rely on some good folks to help me figure out what this book I am working on should do, and where it should go.

And it is not like I have run out of ideas, or am at a loss to come up with new ones,  now is the time to implement them, and decide if I want to actually come back into this thing called active life instead of just meandering through the wasteland of existence.

No, I am not going to be chronicling every minute of the day, nor am I going to be posting pictures of what I eat for lunch.  Speaking of pictures, (I know….squirrel!)  I got a new camera, that actually will let me take photographs and not just snapshots.  As a result, I can finally indulge that hobby that I have wanted to do for a long time.  I am working on a new site just for photography that I will link to later.  Just a teaser.

Anyway, today is back to day one for this site.  My inner voice will be getting out there again.  Heck, there may even be a podcast or two in this.  We will have to see.

Feel free to join the comments below, let me know if I should just give this up altogether or go for it.