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Time is up! *&%$ or get off the pot!

Well folks the time is here and I don’ tknow if my ass is getting worn out yet or it is just the chair.  It has been 5 full months now that I have been posting on this blog and playing around.  I am getting ok traffic and it is time to start charging for each blog post!

No of course I am kidding.  My posts on here and for fiction Saturday will be free forever.  But today I want to talk about money and how to separate people from it.  I have been listening to Nathan Hangen’s podcasts in bulk lately and he has inspired me to get something going now.

What I am looking for today is some input.  The time has arrived that the new baby is imminent and I need to get some cash in to cover the bills.  I am trying to come up with a product that is not just another e-book for people to file away in the dusty recess of their hard drive and never read.  I have too many of those myself.  I want something to make people say, “Yea, that is good.  Hey Steve, have you seen this?”

So here is a question.  I want to ask something like what do you think of a stay at home dad membership site or mentoring thing but then I think how many stay at home dads are out there that actually would be willing to pay money for a site like that?  Maybe an ebook would be better.

I have a couple of books that I am working on, but one is fiction and one is about my daughters kidney disease.  I keep trying to figure out what exactly I have to offer besides writing, that people would be interested in.  I haven’t started yet, but I am going to have audio versions of my fiction stuff available in the near future and I don’t see how I could charge for those, at least until the ebook comes out.

Anyone need a partner for a JV?

So, any ideas that people need tackled?  I am just confused again at what kind of a product that I can offer that will be of value to people.  I am not sure now what is important to share.  I am working on a groovy workbook for kids on roadtrips.  That will be a good one to get out.

Anyhow, what do you guys think?  I expect comments on this one folks!

until later



  1. One thing I am looking at is what can I guide others through. What challenges have I faced that other go through and want or need help with, encouragement during, etc. So far, none of the answers has satisfied me. Hopefully you will get some satisfactory answers for yourself pretty quickly.

    What I would do with the answer(s) that question is offer seminars, webinars, consulting time, and things of that nature. Possibly a workbook as well. I have the model, just not the product. Blah!

    Hope that helps some. If all else fails, think about the things friends and family come to you for help with and how you can offer that to the world at large.

    • That sounds like much of the same things I am thinking of. The only problem with friends and family stuff, it is mostly computer info that anyone should know! I constantly have to explain things like control panel or email or how to copy pictures from a digital camera to the computer. Not very interesting when you consider that most people who would be interested in that information can’t use the internet much better.

  2. Why not focus on the things you like to do – like hunting and fishing. Maybe how you teach your kids to respect guns or leaning to fish. It ought to be about your life and make every working Dad green with jealousy and dying to learn how you did it. That’s what I’m thinking. Surely people would pay to learn how you have the ideal lifestyle. Expecially if they have jobs they hate. There is your market.

  3. Some kind of stay-at-home-dad adventures series could be cool. Like SAHD Survival 101 podcasts or something, I bet that would get a lot of interest.

    The roadtrip idea is awesome, maybe you could make a companion guide for parents? Like how textbooks have a teacher’s variation, so the teachers know what to talk about and quiz the kids on.

    I dunno, I’m sure you’ll come up with something awesome. I’d still love to work on something together someday, but I have no idea what lol.

  4. I know that you’re asking for advice, but sometimes finding your own niche is what it takes to succeed online. Have you started thinking of what you like to do as opposed to “what can make money?” Obviously we all need money to survive, especially with a family, but maybe you need to figure out the one or two things you really enjoy and begin concentrating on those on your blog (or even start an additional site / blog.)

    • interesting thought…..I do have another site that I have been building for my Wifes’ quilt business. we have been running that for a while now and I am revamping the whole site. Maybe that should just be my focus for a while. I have been trying to figure out what kind of information product I can put out, I still plan on doing that but I think I will just have to develop it and put it out there. If there is a niche, they will find my product right? Thanks for the advice Steve, that is a new way for me to look at it. I already have 4 sites, another one is only a domain registration away!

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