May 272014
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You can fool yourself into thinking you are actually being productive.  In all of the fanfare of super connectivity and internet everywhere I at least get stuck in the ruts that we are not supposed to get stuck in.

Social media and email are the worst offenders in my world.  I know you are not supposed to look at twitter or email but some days that is all I get done in my business world.  It is pathetic but nevertheless true.  And I know, I know that I am not supposed to be looking but I am hoping that so and so replied to my comment or someone cool is following me on twitter.

It is all such a big time waster, but I justify it by saying that my kids are not going to allow me to write more than a sentence or two and it is not worth trying until they go to bed.  And then I don’t do much with it even then.  Now that the baby is older he is actually letting me sit and not hold him all of the time.  I have decided that writing a couple of sentences at a time may not be the best way to get things written, but then again, if I am going to call myself a writer then I actually have to write!

This weekend has been an eye opener in some ways.  I was dreading having the kids home all summer and me not being able to write.  But they are going to be just fine.  They like to play outside.  I am excited to get back to the point where I was a year ago and writing like a madman.

What I have to be careful of is looking at emails and Twitter and the like and thinking I am actually doing work.  That is not work.  That is wasting time.  I have been neglecting my websites doing fake work.  I have been fooling myself to thinking I am keeping up when I am just sliding behind.  My new site is floating in limbo with nothing tangible in it.  Real work need to be done, if I can only find the self discipline to forget the fake work.

How do you deal with fake work?  Do you follow the advice of experts and only hit the email once a day?  Do you keep your email open all day and pretend to do work with it?

Let me know what you do in the comments below!  I want to hear from you all!



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  4 Responses to “The Bane of Real Work vs. Fake Work”

  1. I gravitate to fake work, but only out of boredom, such as I’m doing now making a comment on your blog 🙂  real work ain’t so damn good, let alone rewarding (except for pay-day).  Anyway….good post.  twitter and all that crap is nothing but a big waste of time in my opinion.

    • See Hansi you think you are just doing fake work busting my chops in the comments. The truth is, you are building your site up. Comments equal backlinks equal visitors. Therefore you are building your brand and business without meaning too. Your fake work just turned into passive real work.

  2. I’m with Hansi on that one too.   then again, I’m always with Hansi

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