May 272014

Hello there loyal readers!  I am really cheating today after spending all day yesterday working on my other site that I hope to get launched on Saturday.   It is our family business that we started a few years ago and have hit off and on.  Last year we did pretty well selling handmade quilts, table runners and casserole dish holders.  I am totally redoing our old site and bringing it onto a WordPress platform.  It should work really well and keep us from getting screwed by eBay’s fees.  More on that tomorrow.

Today I am posting the e-mail that I sent out yesterday to my small but loyal e-mail list.  This is something fun, and will only be available next week.  So I am promoting it!  Please consider signing up for my mailing list here. I promise not to sell your email address or trade it for cookies.  Or to send you a bunch of garbage.

You have enough to read, so you will only hear from me for big announcements and *fingers crossed* monthly newsletters.  Please sign up, it may not be the best thing you do today, but it won’t be the worst either! Plus there is a free e-book on writing tips for authors just for signing up.

I want you to know about a fun new Internet Game show called Bloggywood Squares.  If you have been cruising the blogosphere for a while, you probably have heard of Mike Cliffe-Jones and Nathan Hangen.  Or even their product, Beyond Blogging. You may also know Jordan Cooper, professional funnyman and owner of Not A Pro

They have teamed up for this new game show with some “celebrity” guests.  It will be a fun watch over the next week at 7pm EST.  The winner of the show will get a free membership to the beyond blogging sessions which are cool in and of themselves.  You can also win a membership just for signing up for the sessions!

So head over here: Bloggywood Squares (affiliate link) and sign up for the fun!

have a good one.


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  1. It’s sure going to be fun, and wait until you see who we have lined up as guest celebrities! 🙂

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