Jul 092014

I was cleaning out my email the other day and came upon an old message from a system to, well, make money.  Yes I had purchased it.  I didn’t know then the marketing tricks that get used to get newbie bloggers to spring for the system.

It was a system that started at $47 and kept reducing every time I hit the cancel button.  I know We all have been there before.  I didn’t know what I was doing officer I swear!  So I clicked down enough that I end up at $7.  I figured, this could be a great deal to make some money and bought it.

Now I know better, and see that the only person making money was the guy selling the product.  I tried to log into the links from several emails of this course and the site no longer exists.  Not one link worked.  I could only find one reference to it on the net, and it was a sales page for the same course!  I am very confused.

My only course of action was to give up and neglect to eat that combo meal.  I deleted all of the e-mails.  Now I don’t feel bad about that, it just had to be done.  But think of this, if everyone ended up disappearing who would be left?

The greatest blogs and empires have not gone into the nothing and let the world pass them by, they have stood strong and received the followings that they deserved.  That is where every one of us should be working towards.  If you are running a website or a blog or whatever entrepreneurial pursuit you are working on, stay strong, don’t up and dissappear.  Eventually someone will be pissed off at you.

Go do something good today.


  3 Responses to “Up and Disappear”

  1. Hey Justin how are ya? Hope all is well with you and yours.

    This post just clarifies why I have not purchased anything of the likes. I’m too skeered or maybe it’s I just don’t trust alot of them. Yeh that’s it. I know there are good ppl out there who offer quality stuff I just haven’t made the commitment to them. I blog for fun mostly of course and the little I do make is a plus. Would I like to get rich, yeah but I’d give it all away like always.

    • Hey Lee stuff is good here. I have to agree though, most courses are dubious, you can just hope to get a good one or not bother at all. havent bought anything else that is for sure.

  2. hey I see the link for comments now, didn’t see it previously. And I will look into some of your stuff here. Thanks

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